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  1. That is awesome thank you very very much ! Very detailed instructions :), you guys are the best ! Appreciate all your help fellas , I’ll let you know how it goes !! 🙂
  2. The valve came right tight to the rocker , even after I backed the screw out all the way , it was 100% on TDC on compression stroke, and the push rods should be even when on TDC, the push road behind the exhaust valve was higher than the one behind the intake valve
  3. Found the issue !!!!! out of time , when I put the engine to top dead centre , the exhaust valve was a little open and the push road weren’t even , they should be even from my understanding
  4. And is the T, F and two lines what your referring to as the index lines ? Hard instructions to wrap my head around lol
  5. Battery was at full charge and throttle was wide open , when I have the plug out , and roll the engine by the pull start, I look in the hole and get it to the T, there is also an F there and two other lines that are close together. when I put it to the T the piston is all the way to the top, but my exhaust valve doesn’t seem like it always wants to move. I set my intake valve to .006, I followed what shadtree sent about finding the compression stroke , and to my understanding I was at compression stroke. maybe the engine is not in time ? But I’m almost certain I was checking that right
  6. I agree ! But so far I haven’t been able to get bike running , lots of great tips and advice , but the thing has air, fuel, spark , I’ve changed everything. Set the valves and the motors in time . I don’t understand why it won’t start.
  7. Just wanted to say thanks for all the helps guys , it’s going to a shop, compression is to low , has to be something more internal. thanks again
  8. Any suggestions for cleaning valves without removing the cylinder head ? and there’s nothing in the exhaust system :(, I wish it was that easy lol
  9. Okay, so reset the valves And engine was on compression strike TDC, I have tried 3 different spark plugs ? Could voltage regulator be the issue maybe ?? just a thought will roll over all day long just won’t start!!
  10. I think I was on compression stroke, I just put cover back on , both valves set to .006, putting back together and gunna try to start it up, exhaust valve was tight , couldn’t fit anything in there
  11. Yes I held throttle wide open and has new spark plug , ask just checked timing , it’s showing the T mark in the centre of the hole and the piston is at top, so it’s in time , gunna check the valves now
  12. I’m soon gunna smash the bottle of rum over my head and let the woman beat me with the chicken and put the cigar out on my forehead
  13. Hahahahahaha , made my day lol. but I can’t see why it would be compression or timing if it was running fine prior to changing the carb 😞
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