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  1. Len

    2001 rubicon es

    Here is the pictures of the broken speedometer. Not sure anything can be done with this one?
  2. Len

    2001 rubicon es

    Ok First 2 pics are lights off last picture is with lights on len
  3. Len

    2001 rubicon es

    Hi all i got the used speedo last week and I noticed the led screen looks dark in some places. I plugged it in and it works just hard to see the display but you can see it if you look carefully. I assume the led scrn can’t be fixed? Thanks for taking the time to try and help out to all! len
  4. Len

    2001 rubicon es

    Ok thanks for the info, what happened is the quad did a slow roll over and broke the speedometer and headlight, since then the transmission seems stuck in 2nd gear. I’m thinking it cause the speedometer is dead. So I ordered a used one on ebay cause as you said I’ve been waiting for months for Honda to “release it” lol. So when I get the used one I will see what it does and then send a picture. Thanks soooo much for the input and help. Jeepwm69 and akatv. len
  5. Len

    2001 rubicon es

    Hi I’m new to the forum and forums in general, but I broke my speedometer on my 2001 rubicon foreman 500 es and have been waiting for Honda to release the new part for around a year. So my question is is there any other speed that will fit or is there a repair service if I find a used one that doesn’t work? thanks len
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