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  1. OKIE D.... ALL WORKING NOW. Seems it was the CDI, the angle shift sensor and the gas gauge.... Working like new as we speak... Thanks for the help .... Well appreciated.
  2. Do you preload it before you bolt it down or not?
  3. Not sure but it still had no OHm reading....
  4. Had this since new.... never missed a lick til this came about.... swapped it to new frame (used fertilizer on other and fell apart). Been sitting up a while in the shop until found a frame.... now looks brand new..... just does shift like brand new...lol
  5. Okie Dokie.... I realized I dont have OEM.... They were listed OE... so I just ordered OEM part. Honda did not have it local so I just found it on Partizilla.... $115 shipped.... Couple days will see if that does it but it only makes sense. Thanks a lot for your info... much smarter on these suckers now. Will update when it comes in.
  6. I took the one off the bike.... none of the 3 sensors test any resistance ever between black/red and Green/yellow, or black/green and. Yellow/blue
  7. Now I did not test black/red with yellow/blue with a load on it on the spring. I just did and none of the 3 sensors I have read any resistance from Black/red to Yellow/Blue or Green/yellow.... BUT I just tested this one under load and yellow/blue did read 6 ohms with Green/yellow
  8. Around 6 ohms between yellow/blue and green/yellow.... nothing on Black/red and either of the 2 other post.... that may be the problem..... can run and get another.
  9. I cant get any reading on the shift sensors from black/red to Yellow.... but I can when it is turned between yellow and green
  10. I have re initialized it couple times... typically the shift motor hums for second,.... but nothing changes
  11. I think I did.... hard to tell.... I am not confident its correct.... I tried... They are all OEM... but the inside of the sensor is pointed on both sides and the peg is flat... I was not sure if there needed to be tension on the sensor or not.
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