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  1. If any occupy the Rancher Manual (TRX) 420 and 250 year 2014, you can start thread.
  2. Hello, as I mentioned before, the combustion chamber (Piston, Valves), was full of carbon. Therefore, it gave small, but very small leaks. I'm still baffled by the compression test, which was good, but that was the state anyway. And the truth is that I checked, since I had two Honda 420 with the same problem, at the moment both are rolling. I add that, my state or city has a dry climate and a lot of dust in summer ... Greetings from Costa Rica, my translation a little bad, but I still don't speak English very well and I have to help myself with translators and dictionaries.
  3. Hello everyone. Sorry to be absent. In conclusion, I just had to clean the combustion chamber. Thank you all very much, happy holidays ...
  4. In my country it is already night, tomorrow I will try to analyze the ignition system and I will let you know
  5. Friend I thought that at first so I decided to check the throttle body sensors with the Honda manual, still not working properly, I got desperate and thinking that I could omit something in the analysis, I changed a complete throttle body just like with the pump of fuel and ironically, the same thing happened. I am looking for help, because the truth is I am running out of options They're still on the table: ignition system, and I don't know why, but I still haven't ruled out compression.
  6. Yeah I thought that too, but chances are slim or nil, when swapping the fuel tanks of a good ATV for a bad one, the bad one still didn't work properly, while the good atv started without any problem. My next step will be to check the ignition system, if it doesn't resolve it, I think I'll inspect the carbon build-up inside the engine.
  7. Done, I just cleaned the pump and it still does not work normally. Even in the organization we will have 3 identical ATVs, so change the entire fuel tank, to make it even safer and still not work well. Do you think maybe I had an error measuring compression? It should be noted that we have 2 machines with the same drawback and almost the same mileage. New spark plugs, clean filter.
  8. The IACV works, it turns back and forth, but the atv has the problem in cold or in heat. When the problem started the first thing I did was look for the fault codes, then check for spark, then went to the throttle body and cleaned the IACV. The ATV does not start easily, I repeat, it starts only if you give sudden movements to the accelerator and it keeps its engine to minimum, as long as you keep the accelerator a little depressed. I thought about compression, but yesterday I did the check and it gives me around 69-70, the honda manual says it is 73, therefore I do not see it very far from its standard, I rule out the compression problem. At the moment, all I need to check is the fuel system. Although I don't know if I'm missing something
  9. 2016 32,000 km The machine starts with sudden throttle pulses and when the accelerator is held down it stays on. When you fully release the throttle, it shuts off
  10. Minimum sensor working If there is fuel pressure Compression is 70 PSI Check the electronic injection sensors and they are working, there are no reading codes, I don't know what to do anymore, not if I'm missing something, it's the first time I've had a problem like this
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