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  1. ok great thank you! i did already order a new one of those as well
  2. great i will give that a shot tomorrow thank you
  3. turn key on and it flashes 444 444 444 444 etc so three flashes
  4. yes it moves easily. not engaging anything
  5. the manual shift lever moves up and down fairly easily but does nothing
  6. yes i have tried rocking it back and forth
  7. yes the number four is on screen and flashing
  8. it wont shift at all not even manually
  9. could it be the Shift Control Change Unit?
  10. haha sure wish i would have got the manual shift. not an option now.
  11. so i have an issue. went to ride last week and started out and got to 4th gear then went to downshift and got nothing. wont shift manually or electrically. screen blinks flashes "4" when turn key on. replaced shift motor thinking that may be the problem. no luck still no power to shift motor. any thoughts?
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