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  1. I’m getting a new spark plug tomorrow. And I’ll take it for a rip and show you guys the spark plug
  2. When I’m going down the field and pin it. It seems like it loses fuel for a second and then gets going again. And I don’t know why it’s doing it because it wasn’t doing it before
  3. So cleaning didn’t help anything. I farted around with the screw some more to and that didn’t do anything either. Any other ideas?
  4. Ok thanks a bunch I didn’t know that you had to hold that thing up when you put it on
  5. So should I clean it really good and check the diaphragm, throw it back in and maybe put an inline fuel filter in there? It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense because it was running pretty good before I took it apart and screwed with the air screw
  6. Hey guys I have a Honda 500 and it was running good but it would stall every now and again so I took the carb out and cleaned it. I didn’t clean it very good because I ran out of carb clean. I’m going to grab carb clean tomorrow and clean it better. I took the air screw out not realizing that that is what it was and put the carb back together and now it sputters at about half throttle. I tried backing the screw off and screwing it in and it didn’t seem to make a difference in idle or anything. It is idling a little rough too. Any ideas. Thanks in advance
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