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  1. @_Wilson_ I have it all back together and running. the only thing not back to original is the reveres switch. I just left the brass plug in it. My next project is an '89 350D.
  2. Not the best pics but I didn't have all my shop lights on.
  3. Good morning all, so have a update and another problem. I was able to find a reverse switch! And it actually works. But The switch only has a small oring that is supposed to seal the hole in the sub-trans. But the hole in the sub-trans is to big and is threaded not smooth for an oring. So question is, is it the correct switch or do I have a different model year sub-trans cover? Any thoughts?
  4. Just wanted to say thank you to you all for the help, I may have a line on the reverse switch should know in the next day or two. Also wanted to add that i found a place that has a good deal off used parts online that I did not know about. https://www.powersportsnation.com I have not purchased anything from them but will definitely check them out if i need anything in the future.
  5. Lol, I think it's going to end up being kind of tough to find. But sooner or later one should show up.
  6. Fishfiles; Any chance you or your buddy would be willing to see what the cost of shipping would be? I checked honda restoration but according to their website they don't have what I need. I have a call in to the salvage year near me but they didn't sound very hopeful.
  7. Just need a reverse switch otherwise my 125 is all complete. Wish I was closer, I would definitely pick it up. But I'm from northern wisconsin!😂 That would be a 17-18hr one way trip.
  8. Ya I haven't been able to find anything online. So I'll end up calling a snowmobile atv/atc salvage yard near me to see if they have one. Thanks
  9. Ya the previous owner most have been. Do whatever to make it run. As long I I leave the reverse switch wire disconnected everything works perfectly, so untill I can find one I'll just leave it that way. They plugged the reverse switch hole with a threaded brass plug.
  10. So I had some time to tear into the wiring this afternoon. When I opened the headlight some obviously was trying to rig stuff to work, there were no cut wires thankfully but half the wires were not connected to anything. So after spending some time figuring out the wires I got it all back together. I have to do some cleaning in the on off headlight switch but once that started working then everything except one thing works as it should. When I connected the neutral and reverse wires at the transmission I again didn't have any spark. So I followed the neutral wire and it goes into the transmission, but when I followed the reverse wire it is grounded to the frame? And not another switch like it shows on the diagram. Is there a reverse switch that wire should go to?? If so where about is it located? Thanks.
  11. _wilson_; What part(s) do you want pictures of? just the wiring? I have not pulled the headlight assembly apart yet so i don't know whats been done in there yet. I have not found and type of wire issues yet, human or mice. again I'm not very deep into the wiring yet, the only place I've looked is the connections with the Neutral switch bundle above the Reverse lever.
  12. So with the reverse light acting like the neutral doesn't that mean the two wires by the reverse lever are wrong? shouldn't they be switched, so the neutral light works as it should? Which would lead me back to no spark, but a step further towards finding the real wiring problem? I forgot to mention that i also noticed that the Head light is also always on. I flipped each switch high/low and on/off but the light stays on. I'm thinking that there might be a couple wires crossed in the bundle inside the headlight. Thoughts?
  13. So I just checked what the lights are doing, and I'm a little surprised. The green neutral light stays on continuesly. The red reverse light is on when in neutral but will turn off when shifted into any gear. I would guess there has to be some wires crossed somewhere then.
  14. Jeepwm69; I do have a copy of the manual. Only reason I thought the CDI is I know that there are a hand full of things it controls. Plus like I stated I really dont want to have to tear into the side of the engine if i dont have to. retro; I have not found any splices or modifications to the wire harness (yet), as far as i can tell The CDI is original. I have already tried the swap on the two wires, when i did this i had no spark at all. No spark in Neutral or any gear. I swapped back and then was back to only no spark in neutral. I can't answer the light question, i did not pay any attention to what the lights where doing / not doing. I will look at it after work.
  15. Hello All, I picked up an 1986 TRX125 a couple months ago and I'm finally getting around to fix it up. When I bought it the guy said it could not be in neutral to start, and that it had bad compression. I have already fixed the low compression, but I'm trying to figure out why i cant get spark in neutral. It has spark when in any gear including reverse. When its running it will have spark in neutral but no spark in neutral if its not running. My first thought was the neutral safety switch, but after looking through the manual and seeing how deep id have to tear into the machine to replace I'm hoping for something easier. I'm wondering if it could be the CDI? Or something Else? Anyone have this issue? or other thoughts? Thanks,
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