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  1. Permatex the right stuff is a anaerobic not rtv. Good grief it’s the same thing as hondabond. A simple google search will help you to understand. Anaerobic gasket makers and flange sealants are designed for sealing assemblies where two close fitting machined metal surfaces come together. ... If you've got larger gaps – such as sealing a stamped steel oil pan, you should be using an RTV gasket maker
  2. same exact anaerobic sealant as hondabond lol. Why wouldn’t it? It’s permatex “the right stuff “
  3. Just a update, she is doing great.. need to swap out the one way clutch bearing tho, when you let off the throttle it takes a min to catch and when it does it clunks.
  4. Glad your back, I’ll let you know as soon as this top end gets here.
  5. Where the electric shift goes??? It’s blocked off it’s a manual shift case??
  6. thank you sir, I take pride in rebuilding. Not a shop or anything just an Individual with a Honda addiction
  7. I use Chinese tools, but car parts, saw parts, and quad and bike parts I only use oem stuff, like cylinders and pistons.
  8. Any holy ! these valve springs are some of the stiffest I’ve came across.
  9. Waiting to get shop built lol working out of my kitchen at the moment. Scratched up my old lady’s deep freeze she wasn’t too happy about that.
  10. he said he would take $400 for rest of quad, it’s complete besides the engine I already got off of it. May snag it and part out. Will let you get the brakes if so. I’m in north Alabama. holding off on the 520 top end I’m trying to make the Easter ride they are having this weekend. Found a mint oem 420 top end for now. bottom end is together. had to grind another small portion of the case beside the boss where shift rod goes thru. See pic. everything is together and functioning correctly: 2009 crank and crankcase, 2014 foot shift rod, 2014 flywheel and stator, 2014 foot shift case covers. Hope this can help others, def opens up options when hunting a bottom end. They are compatible either way I could have made the foot shift bottom end a es if I had needed to. red gasket maker is *The Right Stuff, just as good as Honda bond(ran out of Honda bond sealing crankcase. Cover gaskets are messy cause I had to pull each one back off.... everything functions correctly.
  11. k I will go check them out when I have time. here are the differences in 09 and 14 flywheels. 14 on left. Split the cases it was immaculate forgot to get pics tho. Sealed her back up.
  12. it was rolled. Plastics were tore all to pieces. Frame def looked salvageable, I would have def rebuilt it. mans thanks I haven’t watched those yet but fourwheeler doctor as 2 awesome teardown and assembly videos very detailed but I had remember something about one side down towards table and trans would stay together like you said. He didn’t use that technique. Let me get to watching them. Thanks man.
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