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  1. It’s really rough looking at the moment. Give me two weeks and hopefully we have something worth posting. sadly my victory over the spark was short lived. Currently facing another issue...in the last week I’ve been waiting on fuel valve, choke assembly, and carb cleaning. I’ve got the carb in about as good a shape as possible but there’s some rust still prevalent on it. While it will idle kind of just fine but sometimes not ...the moment I put any throttle on it it dies. In addition the bottom drain plug leaks like no other no matter how hard I tighten it. Should I spend the $200 and get a new one before this things catches fire? I would think this would also fix my throttle issue.
  2. Will do! Hopefully I can contribute to some trouble shooting myself
  3. When I re did the frame ground on the rear I must not have cleaned it up good enough re did it and found spark. Started right up! Thank you so much for your time and detailed analysis. It is greatly appreciated. Excellent forum
  4. I tried that as well and did not get a reading
  5. I will verify model shortly but this step Now move your black meter lead to the frame ground next to the CDI and verify that battery voltage exists. Turn the ignition off. If you do not measure battery voltage on the Bl/W wire, stop right there and let us know so we can fixthat.“ resulted in no voltage
  6. BI/W to frame ground no voltage
  7. No worries. Black white to green white I got 12.6
  8. Yes when I did that and I got 12.6 V When I did the BI/W I got no voltage
  9. Thank you for this super in depth response I greatly appreciate your time. I just tried the second step where I turn off my ignition key and test voltage from the ground beside CDI and BI/W wire and found there was no voltage. Please advise. Thank you in advance.
  10. Thank you guys for the prompt and I formative responses. I’ve since taken all plastics off and checked, cleaned, and greased each connector. I’ve also cleaned and re did the two frame grounds. Sadly the issue is still present. I’ve also gone around with voltage meter and found 12v at two wires I believe at the ignition switch with the key flipped.
  11. Good afternoon all, I have a 00 rancher with no spark. It has sat for about 10 years. I replaced the ignition coil, cdi and what I believe is the rectifier. When hooked up all lights come on and starter turns over and all fuses are good. When I check for voltage of any form at the black/yellow and green wire I get nothing. This led me to check the stator yet all ohms readings were in range. Prior to going into replacing the stator or pick up coil I wanted to get some opinions of what it could else be since it appears to be like an absolute task to replace. Thank you in advance
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