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  1. Yea, that’s how it works and I’m just not looking for a complete restore, just need functional practical use. This thing is a tank and works great for what I need. I’ve carried/pulled up too 800lbs thru the woods with no hesitation or worries…it’s a dam near perfect machine, just wanna look better. Ppl do give the price for things they need and that’s completely understandable but not me
  2. Yea, I’ve seen some work done and looked pretty good..it is a lil pricey but what ain’t now days.
  3. My last resort is having the fenders welded up just to see how it looks n holds up…
  4. Nothing fits like factory, everybody knows or should anyways…I’m not restoring, I’m just trying to get functional, reliable and decent looking. I’ve got a set of “used” fenders and they’re faded and brittle and would just like better looking fenders. Mechanically it’s sound, just need some front brake work and touch up some wiring..I’m not trying to argue or say it’s better one way or another I just know paying new price for NOS ain’t my thing
  5. So the maier fenders don’t/won’t fit?
  6. And yes, tan colored would look awesome I believe…different
  7. Yes, I agree. OEM parts are hard to get in good shape(not broke, bent or faded) so I just figured a complete matching set of maier fenders would last longer(maybe) than 30 something y/o OEM fenders espeacially when the OEM fenders are gonna cost you that much or more…don’t get me wrong, there’s no replacing looks and durability of factory parts but when they are so obsolete there’s not much choice left..
  8. 400 for front, 400 for rear…it is pricey but it’s new
  9. I can buy new for 400 tho…
  10. Parts for these things are definately like hens teeth trying to find…
  11. Yea, that’s like 6 or 7hrs. There are a couple of places/ppl I can check that has or deals with older Hondas, hopefully something will pop up. I’m also looking for a 87 or later front bumper.
  12. Thanks for the info once again…how much for the front fender?
  13. Ok, thanks…I’ve not been able to get around to checking but appreciate the info for sure…
  14. Is there a place where you can buy all the parts?
  15. Thanks a lot man, this is a lot of help!! It’s aggrevating tho, getting the time 🤬😡
  16. Thanks, it may take me a bit to get it done but it’s worth the try…
  17. Rear fenders are in decent shape but front fenders are not gonna be going back on if removed for sure. One issue is most bolts and hardware are rusted and what few ive removed had to be either cut or were stripped and not sure about how hard to replace the hardware. Gas tank is actually in good shape, needs cables replaced and front brakes need complete makeover. Wiring is working but shady to say the least(it looks like). Just need a manual or something to go by because it looks like a mess on the wiring and hoses and vacuum lines.
  18. Here is only pic I have but get more…
  19. It runs good now and everything works but does have a few i I’m fine with paying good price if the work is right….I just hate to not get a lil work done to it cause it’s a really stout good machine, it just needs a lil attention and upkeep to make it last a few more years…these are some of the best built machines made in my book. I love it
  20. I’m located in Tennessee…just outside of Chattanooga
  21. I can get pics, yes and as far as what level, not sure what stages there are but just looking nice(plastics) and no issues with engine and running gear
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