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Oil pump 420 no oil

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Hello everyone my 420 oil pump not pumping oil I have an 2007 Honda rancher 420 and I just put new top end in it set valves and valves where tapping pretty good when I cranked it so I rechecked the valves on the compression choke tdc and it still set I set them to 0.006 intake and 0.008 exhaust that in inch so I thought oil filter must be on backward and no oil getting to top in so took the filter cover off and it was in right so I turned the engine over with that cover off and no oil was pumping out so I went to my other 420 and took its oil cover off and it had oil pumping out of it so idk if my oil pump bad or what or the lines are clogged up I’ve already took front cover off and took oil pump off but it seems to be fine is there anything else I can do that you know of

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