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Rancher 350 FM No Spark w/ Basics Already Tested

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2005 Rancher FM 350
The issue -no spark from coil when pushing start button. Starter engages and turns over fine. No oil light cycle on/off when ignition is turned on like it should. Back story, spark was fine Friday, Saturday ATV was pressure washed. Sunday no spark......Weeks of testing and no luck
- Battery
New and Kept on Maintainer - 13.0 - 13.2 VDC
- Fuses
All fuses are fine
- Plug
New plug (Honda NGK), old one was fine, both have good white spark on other systems
- Coil
Two new coils (Honda OEM & China Crap), original Honda coil was fine, all three work great on other systems
primary and secondary ohm out fine
Peak voltage test passes on other systems, no voltage to the coil when
- Rectifier
New rectifier (Honda OEM & China Crap), not using China Crap, detailed diode ohm tests performed on all three units. No issues with either Honda Unit - match Honda Manual Test, China crap has different design and it can have back leakage. Not uses China Crap
- Diode
Diode test using meter in diode mode tests fine, no back leakage
I have four of them now. Honda OEM x 2, and China Crap x 2. Per Honda manual all of my testing points to "replace ICM". Well I have and still no luck.
- Stator
Original OEM still installed. Did not change as all channels test fine via basic ohm tests and peak voltage using CDI peak voltage adapter.
- Oil Temp Sensor
Original OEM still installed. I have tested with this disconnected and ground to motor ground terminal.
- Oil Temp Light
The light does NOT turn on when ignition is turned on. The neutral and reverse lights work. Per service manual, this light should turn on when key is turned, they turn back off after diagnostic. Then the light should only turn on when you reach high temp per sensor. I ohm out this circuit and have no issues. I can jump the power at ICM connector per Honda manual and the light turns on.
- Kill Switch
I've taken this apart serval times for piece of mind. It functions perfectly when on meter inside switch and at connector under front fender and back to ICM and battery.
- Connection and harness integrity
so to this point the quad is down to frame and wires. I've ohm'ed out all connects and wire junctions for all components. I'm not finding any issues.

Inconclusion, I've tested every related section per the Honda service manual. When following this verbatim, it keeps pointing me to a new ICM. I've procured three new units and no luck with any. Seeking mechanic advise other than the drag it out back and shoot it responses. Thanks in advance for the help!

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