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ESP D1 D2 Constant Blink and in "Limp Mode"

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I hated to start another thread but my Rubicon TRX500FA decided to quit working this week after 21 years of trouble free service.  This thing has wrangled a bunch of cattle over the years and has been completely trustworthy.  Until this week.


Got on it yesterday to check a fence and I immediately noticed it wasn't shifting.  I use ESP because you can't chase anything well when your'e shifting gears and changing direction while sideways in a drift!

Anyhow I got it back to the barn and did a look over.  Did the battery disconnect.  Bought a new battery.

Then I did the test routine and got 10 blinks with ESP D1 D2.  Tried to clear it but that didn't work.  IF I turn the key on the ESP D1 D2 will blink constantly.

When put in reverse it does the "sputter routine" I've read about.

Today I bought a new Angle Sensor from the Honda dealer and installed it.  It's clocked correctly. 


At this point I'm all ears and appreciate any and all feedback.



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Well; I cannot say that I know exactly what I did but the unit is operating 100% now.


I replaced the angle sensor and tried going through the re-programming but wasn't successful. I downloaded the shop manual and went through the motions again.  While moving the shifter trough the gates from R to L it got stuck in L.  I rolled it backwards by hand and got it out of L.  I started it and backed up noting the sputter was still there but took off down the drive in LOW.  I noticed it seemed be changing ranges but couldn't swear to it nor am I sure it's able to do this in LOW.  Took it back to the barn and turned it off and repeated the procedure one more time but also checked a few connections out back which seemed fine.

Started it up and it backed up with no sputter.  Put it in LOW again and dumped the throttle.  Stopped and shifted into ESP.  The gauge showed ESP and 1st gear.  Not looking a gift horse in the mouth I went for a quick ride running up and down the range.   It shifted fine.  Tried D1 range and that worked too.  Went back to ESP and that again functioned perfectly.

All I can figure is that maybe I pushed the right buttons or the Angle Sensor was indeed bad.  I take no credit for the fix because I couldn't repeat it.


I MAY pull off the "motor" that controls the transmission and clean it.  I appears from some videos I've seen these get pretty nasty.  Mine is untouched since new.  Otherwise I'm leaving it alone!


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