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    • well,, i adjusted the carb. ya'ld think if someone put new gaskets in,stuff,,  they would at least adjust the carb. not so... 64, is running at least a little bit better., if not so...i guess it depends on who does the work. i dont think the tractor will go any faster, least it runs better., as far as letting out on the clutch. i managed to slow the idle down, so it dont near jerk me out of the seat. old school adjustments.., an the tractor keeps running...
    • the next 3 nights around 32, hope thats wrong. not for me, just the two horses, an trees, an such thats twice a frost has come, just when i thought it was getting warmer at nights. some time after the last frost, ya can think about your garden. still,,, just waiting.
    • my neighbor got a chainsaw stuck, his son was there. anywho, the saw got stuck while cutting a tree.. he was gonna use his tractor front bucket too push on the tree to free up the saw. he asked me if i would pull the saw out. his son wouldn't and it didnt take me long to decline neither. i dont think i could ever run fast enough to get out of the way if things got bad...---... i never did find out what happened to the chain, or the bar. but him and his son were still kicking many years after. is it OK to tell a story here? ya know i can get carried away..
    • i also read the number
    • Would love to see more pics of that model 70.  Stock is obviously custom, and the fact that it doesn't have sights would make it uncommon if it is a Pre 64 (special order or Target gun).   Jeep here's a few more pics of that Winchester. 
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