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    • Got the rack back from Powder Coating. Turned out better than I had hoped for.    Here is the strap I used for the windshield mount.      An added benefit of the rack, now I know and can see exactly where the front corners of the “Buggy” are. 
    • y'all are just plain spoiled !!..rofl.
    • Derf,        I think it would be a real trick to get him to come! 😉 I'd like to ride your area myself, he'd ride there and here and never want to go home😁.   Wilson,       I had looked at those a little bit, even rode a couple used ones I had come across, rode nice.  I  had just heard there were some concerns with the transmission, pretty complicated set up and if anything went wrong with it very expensive to repair.  On top of that it is still a single rider machine and they watch that pretty close around here.  Just decided to go with the factory dedicated 2-up. Th as it's a nice looking machine though.
    • her stress level ?, what about your wallets stress level ?!..rofl.
    • my first thought is crap still in tank, getting to fuel injector.
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