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    • I'd guess #1's innards ( #26 x 2 )  ==  
    • It was the quietest 4th of July , I can ever remember around here  , heard more gun shots  than anything ----  
    • update: a few more things done last night ( 7-4-2022 ), got the tub down in its place, floor had to be cut for the drain to drop down through in order for the tub drain to let the tub sit flat, tub walls together, all went together great. got the walls built, door is just sitting in the wall frame, i started at 8:30pm, worked until 3:00am, drove home, was 4am when i got home, crashed.
    • Late to the post...sorry...didn't really get on the computer...was busy on the grill.   decided to pass on putting the boat on the lake...just so hot and crowded and we are just recovering from covid round 2...not a ton of extra energy.   so backyard...pool with some of my kids/grands, ...little bit of Honda tooling around the trails and a lot of recliner time in the den.   locals been launching fireworks since Thursday as usual..however none of them seemed to have spent the $ on the big stuff this year...so, fireworks was a nothingburger on our street.   I think the break away, will make next year all the more enjoyable.    
    • There are manuals on here for that machine(Rancher). Make sure you get the correct one for that carb, if you remove the TPS on it you may run into problems if you dont let the ECU 'relearn' it once its back on.  
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