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    • 3/8ths or so....did not go flush.....it really seems to coming from the top end....when I put my hand against the head, I can feel it....when I put my hand on the bottom of engine, underneath,  I cant....but what I can't figure out Is, that it comes and go's 
    • Do you think it a good idea to tell everyone on the internet what kind of security you have ? 
    • Insert the flat screwdriver into the end and turn the screw the tension will diminish , trick is now to hold onto to the adjuster and the screwdriver without letting it go and slide it nto the jug , hold it tight against the jug and put in screws --- how far in did the adjuster go ( how big a gap ) ?
    • What do I do to reinstall it, thanks 
    • I don't have anything fancy.  Bunch of Wyze cameras set up all over the place.    They have a yearly fee if you want a lot of the features, but if you're ok with basic camera recording to a SD card they're cheap, seem to work well, and are easy to install.
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