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    • I had to look that one up.  Looks like it was replaced with the 357XP around 2002.  Someone in the below thread mentioned another saw killed by the EPA.🤬   https://www.arboristsite.com/threads/husqvarna-254xp-what-years-did-they-produce.82759/
    • BOOOOO   Dropped my Hogs 3 spots in the poll!
    • Have shortwave receivers, but no transmitter.  Probably would be something good to have for emergencies.  What kind of setup do you have?  I know you have to have a license to actually transmit on that kinda thing.
    • All my TVs are smart TVs and I use the Amazon FireTV on them.  I can switch inputs to watch broadcast TV from the antenna or monitor the security cameras. Funny story:  We had DirectTV and hated it.  My internet was 3Mbps DSL and that was completely useless for streaming.  Got into a ! match with ATT and told them I was done.  Dropped landline, internet and sat. TV.  Put up the antenna and calculated I'd get 6-8 channels.   I got 52!  One problem was the TVs needed to do a channel search and everytime I spun the antenna another search was needed wiping out the previously saved channels.  Wife was happy.  Temporarily anyway.  Turns out when I got the 52 broadcast channels the atmospheric conditions allowed E skip.  When we settled in that night to watch TV we only had 6 clear channels to watch.  Within a week or so I found a fixed wireless internet available that was truly unlimited data.  So the big Winegard now is mostly a bird perch.
    • My kind of gals   
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