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    • Hi jeepwm69 Thanks for the reply! the fan temp light is on and I have the fan unhooked at the moment! The 2 pin connector for the temp sensor broke off so I replaced it with an eBay one! Could that be the problem?   I do have the repair manual on file but couldn’t locate the troubleshooting part for fi light codes.
    • Welcome aboard.  The factory service manual is available free in PDF format at the top of the page right below the header (service manuals"   Code 7 should be the temp sensor on the head right next to the spark plug.  Is your fan on and temp light on as well?    
    • Goober thanks for the reply! I don’t have any clue on what’s going on but when I finished installing the clutch disc and installed the motor, the transmission was stuck in gear! I had to rock the atv back and forth to get it out and into neutral.
    • I am unfamiliar with these models but do you think the gear position indicator may be misdirected or gear indicator circuit incomplete? The fuel pump may not operate until an overriding ignition fault (for instance gear in neutral) is corrected. do you have a service manual?
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