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  1. Update on the 450es. New ecu, fan control module and regulator all OEM parts👍. And she is back to running like a dream. Thanks fellas
  2. For sure thanks fellas. I ordered parts so I'll let u guys know when she's done
  3. Also I never figured bike would run without ecu plugged in but it does. Just won't let u use electric shift
  4. Update come to find out junk regulator it is charging up in the 17s with a little throttle. Fried ecu, and fan module. Without ecu plugged in bike will start and run good. And I looked back on my records and sure enough I bought a cheap regulator trying to save a few bucks. Lesson learned again and it cost me $400 for new parts.
  5. I will download it and take a look thanks for the help. I must add the 450 is 22 years old and haven't had a lick of trouble till now so I can't complain a bit
  6. But new regulator was probably on bike for 6-8 months with no issues
  7. That's true haha could a faulty regulator ruin a ecu. And since I'm new here I must quote my father from years ago. Hondas will last as the rest go fast. Thanks
  8. Only thing I've put on is a regulator and I can't remember if it was oem or not.
  9. Also reverse light is on neutral light doesn't work but it does turn over fine
  10. Well first thing a while back had to replace regulator. Then fan started acting up it would run all the time and with the rpms of motor so it would really move air if I got on it haha. Replaced battery then a few days later it just quit. Everytime I turn key on it pops ignition fuse but if I unplug the smaller connector on ecu it doesn't blow fuse when I plug it back in it pops. Then every now and again electric shift wouldn't work but if I just cycle key on and off a time or two it would work fine. Thanks
  11. Hello want are symptoms of a bad ecu
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