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  1. Can anyone tell me what kind of milage I will get trail riding,mainly on old logging roads,20 mph or less
  2. I wanted to comment on the experience I had with AKATV,I sent him my speedo board on tuesday,he got it on friday,repaired it and sent back same day,I got it monday,his work is first class,and I would highly recommend him to anyone,I wish all people I deal with were like him.
  3. Thanks,I appreciate all the knowledge I can absorb
  4. i need one for 450 es,is that the same?
  5. Thats same # I have,I found several @ 109 with free shipping,think I'll try to fix mine first,thankyou.
  6. I looked at rocky mtn and could not find,do you have there part# ?
  7. Thanks,I can got factory honda for 109,i'll order one
  8. I have an 04 450es that if you use kill switch when you restart you have to wiggle and monkey with before it allows bike to start,bike only has 156 miles and has been stored indoors since 09,anyone have any ideas on how to fix?I can get new oem switch for $109 if needed but prefer to fix,seems like internal contacts might be a little green
  9. Is akatv still working his speedo magic?I have one that needs your love,sat with dead bat for years,looks new but reads only in km/h with odo & trip @99999999,thanks
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