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  1. So all I have to remove is the centrifugal clutch to check for the washer? I guess I’ll take it all apart and look for missing and added washers, I was told to remove the shift lever washer because dude added it and made it bind. I do indeed prefer to get junk that has been unmolested than junk someone else tried to fix because then I know what all has and hasn’t been rigged to “get by for the time being” or a temporary permanent fix lol
  2. The kick start is also missing a washer if it’s supposed to have two, there’s one on it. Is partzilla my best bet of getting these washers at the best price? I’ll go ahead and get another gasket when I order the washers since I ripped it around one of the dowels. It fit really snug over them oops. Does the washer go behind the gear behind the centrifugal clutch? Or just behind the clutch? I’ll have to check the diagram next time I’ve got it apart after gathering some parts.
  3. Is the stake piece obtainable? There’s not one on the centrifugal clutch, I haven’t touched the change clutch so I didn’t notice if it had one. When I got it it had partial gasket but probably original, it leaked oil, old black papery gasket. I used a new green gasket but still leaks oil the bottom right two screw holes are junk. There is a washer on the reverse, I do remember it going towards the cover. If needed I can sadly pop the cover back off. Any way to keep the oil? I don’t want to drain it yet again
  4. I didn’t think about maybe that washer being behind the gear oops, I haven’t taken it any farther apart than the cover and clutch. Is there any good way to tighten the nut? I just used a 27mm socket on a ratchet and tighten it until it started to spin over then smacked the ratchet a couple times to snug it more. With how the threads looked i didn’t want to try and use an impact or anything to snug it.
  5. I didn’t remove it. I bought the bike from a kid (actually older than me)who got it from a friend who obviously had no idea what they were doing. I got it and none of the key, electric atart, kickstart worked, gear selector is grounded so it shows neutral at all times, one way bearing in backwards, clutch hand tight and threads destroyed. Now #23 I have no idea I haven’t touched the change clutch, 22 I don’t think is present? Nor is part 21 and 24. In my other thread I asked about a pin or something similar to hold the nut on the crank and someone said there’s not one. I’ve got a picture that may show the crank if there’s not a washer in the photo than there’s not a washer there now.
  6. As for washers, not positive, I know I took one off the shift lever part because it was binding, there’s one on the outside of the kickstart. I don’t remember any others? It had a gear reduction previously it doesn’t anymore. You can see where the case was ground down to fit the gear. I’m not positive where the whine is I just assume clutch because it does it worst when letting off throttle to decel
  7. The only thing that looked unusual was the cover had some wear but I assumed it was from the previous owners gear reduction. It has stock gears when I got it but it has been modified for a gear reduction. This is my first Honda so I don’t know much about it. It pulls fine shifts fine I admit the clutch drum? Did have some wear in it but the clutch and one way bearing are brand new. I had to retread the crank and replace the nut to hold the clutch one. When I got it the kickstart didn’t return and the reverse thing in the crank cover was just resting in there. Some of the knock when I bought it was the kickstart I got it spring loaded so that shouldn’t be an issue anymore but I don’t know if it returns I haven’t used it.
  8. So same bike as my previous thread. New issue, not really previous issue was from trying to fix this one. I bought the bike because the one way bearing was installed wrong (backwards) I took it out flipped it but there was a whine so I ordered a new one and a gasket etc. whine is still present. It’s worse in gear than in neutral and it’s worse when decel than cruising. Is this clutch related? Here’s links to videos. 33° F cold start after sitting 3 days and a quick riding clip with revs in neutral, low to first shift.
  9. China special die arrived. Fixed the issue new nut threaded right on. But my squealing issue is still here. I thought it was the one way bearing due to previous owner installed it backwards and I just flipped it for time being but it’s still screaming with the new one. The gasket was also a pain to get installed. Oh and I 100% agree with not returning broken craftsman parts lol. It’s not worth the half hour drive to me to get a lesser tool. Should I create another thread for the squealing? It has it slight in neutral and it’s worse in gear. At a certain rpm it’s noticeably less but as accelerating it’s loud.
  10. Got both on order, m20 will be here later as I couldnt find it from anywhere but China.
  11. I googled a 20mm and it showed the thread being 18.632 or something around that. So I assumed a 20mm shaft would be an M18. I dunno I can order both. Never hurts to have extra tools.
  12. I ordered a tap and die, I’m going to try and redo it. I also ordered a new nut and a wheel stud lol. I’ll wait until they’re in to go any farther. Mind if I dm you a question regarding my jeep lol? I need help with something or atleast an idea of what to do. The tap die set I got is an M18x1 left hand thread.
  13. If I get an M18x1 die and redo the threads can I get a generic m18x1 nut and put on there? Since I can’t find anything specifying whether the Honda nut is M18x1 or M18x1.5?
  14. I’m not super familiar with meta work etc how would I go about figuring the thread pitch? Also unrelated but your name being jeepwm69, are you interested in Jeep’s?
  15. They are reverse threads, my nut is a 27mm though and online in the parts catalog it says 20mm. This bike has been apart prior. Previous owner before the previous owner is the one that ruined it. Clutch installed wrong one way bearing in backwards kick start return spring dangling in there etc. I’m going to assume fellow didn’t know it was reverse threads and cranked on it and lost the threads and had some other nut to throw on there. In one of the videos I watched is there supposed to be a pin to hold the nut? Mine was lacking this pin if so.
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