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  1. Here are some more pics I've never seen a manufacturer make a mistake like this LOL but believe you me if it could happen it's going to happen to me
  2. It says in the service manual 73psi mine is 95psi is that good compression or to much?
  3. Thank you for your input that was what I was wondering if that is what I should do if it would hurt anything to be just a tad off or not this is my first fuel-injected Honda every other Honda I've had has been carbureted
  4. that's what I'm saying it is definitely not where it's supposed to be I was just confused and wondering if maybe someone has ever seen or ran into this rare phenomenon before LOL
  5. Yes it is still at TDC but could it be a notch or two off if it is not exactly TDC
  6. I would have thought that it is impossible myself but the pictures do not lie and I know I'm not the smartest crayon in the Box But there again it is not where it's supposed to be LOL
  7. I brought the piston to the top and the pushrods are lined up with one another and also in the roundabout area of the T and F Mark correct? I'm going back together with it right now after a top-end rebuild
  8. Are you seeing the photos that I am posting?
  9. That's where my Notch is that dark spot right up under the T
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