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  1. Where can I find the instructions/steps to do it
  2. I'll take it back when they open Monday and go from there, will let you know
  3. Valves will make noise random, not consistent ?
  4. Timing chain....but, when I removed the tensioner and checked it to see, it didn't push in flush , it had the 3/8ths gap....which is supposed to mean the chain isn't stretched
  5. Yes, did that first Paid a shop here local.....they said if it was valves, it would be the noise all the time, it wouldn't be random
  6. 3/8ths or so....did not go flush.....it really seems to coming from the top end....when I put my hand against the head, I can feel it....when I put my hand on the bottom of engine, underneath, I cant....but what I can't figure out Is, that it comes and go's
  7. Where do I screw it back it to reinstall
  8. No , I don't have a manual, a link will be nice....which way do I turn the small screwdriver when I put in in the adjuster after removing the middle bolt
  9. How is that done, I've never done it before, thanks
  10. Yes, it's electric and kick , no pull....ao I can just remove it from the head ?
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