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  1. I had the same great treatment from AKATV. He made my speedometer work and look like new again!! Thanks AKATV!!
  2. Thanks for your help!!
  3. Does anyone know the best place to get an extra key for my Rancher? It says A47. Thanks for any info.
  4. Thanks for the update! I kinda just wanted to make sure this transmission is working the way it is supposed to. I feel really good that it is doing what it's supposed to!!
  5. Thanks for the fast response! My wife has a can am 3 Wheeler with electric shift and it downshifts as you are slowing down. Or you can manually downshift it.
  6. I don't know too much about this machine, but I do know it is a ES electric shift and I did take it out for a ride up shifting until I came to a stop. The question is, is this machine supposed to down shift by itself after slowing down and or coming to a stop? ( automatically). Or is it manual down shift only? Thanks for any info.
  7. Very happy with my new and improved meter. It was a disaster before and now it looks like new.
  8. Will do! I bought this machine used Knowing it needs work. I got it for a good price. So I don't feel too bad for putting money into it.
  9. So happy I contacted you for this problem, now my meter is on its way back and I can't wait to get it. Thanks for your help!!
  10. Here's some pictures of this sad meter. Thanks for looking.
  11. AKatv I am new here and signed up because of reading that you might be able to repair my LCD meter.I have a Honda Rancher 2001 I bought it used and the meter had water inside of it. And of course none available to be purchased. Are you still repairing these or does it sound like this one is too far gone? Thanks for your time!!!.
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