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  1. I grew up on Scenic Hill. Currently live in Conway. The North Little Rock Honda Shop on McArthur is where I go for parts.
  2. No. I got it from partzilla. It's boxed up ready to send back. I don't buy stuff off Amazon. I did buy a used gear selector switch off ebay. But there's no aftermarket on those. I don't waste my time on aftermarket parts. They just don't last. I do have a Honda shop 30 miles from me in North Little Rock. Tried there to find the parts but they didn't have the cdi in stocks. And they haven't had a switch since 2012.
  3. I took the brand new OEM CDI unit out and put my old one back in. And Sparky was on fire.
  4. She's alive again. Thanks for everyone's help. 20231115_192754.mp4
  5. I officially have a green. Neutral light. I put it all together. No spark...... I'll start testing everything again. I replaced the CDI with a oem unit. I'm just frustrated.
  6. Well. I got the new switch in. As you can see i had a broken wire at the switch head. Swapped it out. Still no continuity on the green wire. No neutral light. I get the reverse light but no continuity on green wire. Thoughts now. I'll take it out tomorrow and check for breaks.
  7. I bought it. Thanks. I will also try to see if I can losen up the switch like JCZ states. I bought this unit after sitting 10 years. Just trying to get it going.
  8. Ok. I have no continuity on the green/red wire. I removed the entire outer protective black shrink wrap sheathing all the way down to the case and have no breaks that I can see. Here's my problem. This switch is no longer made. Any thoughts
  9. OK, I have knocked out every connection with the above requirement. I have purchased a OEM CDI, I have purchased a OEM starter solenoid and replaced. I have purchase a OEM ignition switch, I have checked every fuse, cleaned all of the in and out puts. I have verified there is powere going to the ignition switch. The fan comes on when the key turned on. When I put the bike in reverse, the reverse light come on. That tells me that my neutral/reverse switch is working. I think I am down to testing the stator or the pulse generator. Thoughts?
  10. The starter works when I jump it on the solenoid. The push button does not work for starter. I have a few multimeters. Nothing fancy or specific to ATV or vehicles, just standard multi meters. I will do all of this and report back. Thank you.
  11. Hello, I have a 1996 Honda Foreman 400 4x4. 12.6 volts to the following, New battery, Power to starter solenoid, Power to the key. Power to the fan. I am getting a reverse light only when in reverse. No neutral light. On the CDI wiring I am getting 3.4-3.7 on the green and white wire. It should be at 12.6. I think I have a problem at the neutral safety switch. But could also be a ground. On the handlebar kill switch, whether in run or off I am getting the same. 3.4-3.7. Any thoughts?
  12. Good evening. Thank you for the help. Long time reader. I am posting for the first time. I am not getting 12.6. I am getting 3.7 on Green and white and ground. Any thoughts on that?
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