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  1. I know haha I’m trying to attach an image and it doesn’t seem to be working!
  2. Hello all, I’m back again! This question seems so simple but yet has me stumped. So I picked up this bike back in the fall and the headlights were blown due to a faulty voltage regulator. I’m currently trying to replace the bulbs but I can seem to find anything relatively close to the bulb I have in my hand. Maybe I’m missing something and over looking it. All the replacement bulbs I’ve discovered do not look like they would work. HELP! lol Thanks in advance!
  3. @retro.. WE HAVE SPARK, I REPEAT… WE HAVE SPARK. It was the cdi.. I accidentally left the stator unplugged from the last time I was out going over things! I apologize for making you feel like your diagnostic skills were wrong! I went out noticed the problem, plugged it back in and away she went! Thank you so much and everyone else who stopped in to try and give some advice! Cheers🍻
  4. It’s all good man! It happens .. I’m sure I can resell one of them. No hard feelings. At least we now know that it’s not the issue. I will replace the diode for sure. Is there anything else I’m missing? I’m just trying to figure out what things I could possibly be looking over. It’s a good idea for me to make a check list and start diagnosing again. So I think we have power going to the CDI but nothing coming out correct?(based off everything we’ve went over).
  5. Hey there , I stepped away for a bit while I was waiting on a new cdi to come in the mail, thanks for all the help prior 🙂 . I bought a used CDI again this is the second one and my atv still does not start lol it’s safe to say that the CDI is not the problem. However I have another question. If the diode is bad in my fuse box would that prevent spark aswell? I tested continuity on my diode and I couldn’t get anything. If the diode is good then you’re only supposed to get continuity in 1 direction but I’m not sure what it means if there’s no continuity at all.
  6. Yeah I’m not 100% sure what it is! I will have to further inspect. But I’m also wondering should I go on and try to find a CDI, since we confirmed that we’re not getting any voltage to the coil? I might order a new one just for a piece of mind instead of buying a second hand one that might now work. We also confirmed that my stator should be good? It was pulsating at around 0.230V AC or so. I also done what you told me to do with tapping the stator with a screwdriver and it didn’t work. I tried it with both of the CDI’s that I have.
  7. @retro.. sorry for the delayed response! I’m going to be home shortly to try this out, it’s been a busy week so far! I also wanted to bring something to your attention. I found something unplugged but I’m not sure what it is and I can’t find the wire colors on the diagram. Maybe I am over looking it I don’t know lol I’ll attach a picture. Wire colors are green/yellow and black/brown.
  8. Hey @retro! I got a good voltage reading for the first test(within spec). Then for the second one I got a resistance reading of 1.5 ohms.
  9. So I just completed this next step and it looks like we did not record any AC voltages at all. It did not come off of 0V AC. So we can assume that the new cdi does not work? I also tried my old one as well. But like I said the old one smells like burnt plastic unlike the new one!
  10. If you mean like the voltage would fluctuate? Then yes. Reading was constant but it went up and down a bit yes.
  11. I didn’t find any buttons like that on my multimeter but when I just tested it on AC, I got like 0.240 AC maximum. Not sure if that’s any good or not since I didn’t have that option on the multimeter but it was in AC. Hopefully this answers something.
  12. Okay perfect… just done this, I got about 338 ohms.
  13. No worries that’s fine! Everyone makes mistakes and I’m still grateful to have your help. At least we got that out of the way and can move on from that! But yes still no spark!
  14. So this is where I didn’t get the reading. But am I supposed to be getting a voltage reading when I touch 2 ground points with the ignition on? Because the green/white wire is ground correct? And also the frame being a ground(all connected). How would I get a voltage reading from 2 grounds? Also, I wanna say thanks once again for being patient and taking the time out of your day to give me some advice.
  15. Yes, I have continuity. Just went out and double checked. I think I may have been misunderstanding you .. so when you told me to check for a voltage reading when talking about the green/white wire you meant for me to be touching the black/white contact aswell? From my understanding I thought you were telling me to measure between the ground on the frame and the green/white(ground) wire going into the CDI. However, I just went out and measured between the black/white wire and green/white and got a voltage reading of 12.65V.
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