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  1. Ok, I'll stay tuned, in the meantime I really appreciate the help, the time you took to see my case and get to the end of this
  2. That doesn't sound good to me at all haha, so I practically have no options? In any case, look me for a used quad around the city and remove the speedometer?
  3. So the only option is to buy a new speedometer? And how can I look for it locally, how to distinguish which one it really must have, some part number or serial number @AKATV @shadetree
  4. In fact, I found a joint in the harness🤬🤬, you were right, apparently it is not its original speedometer but some time ago it did work, how strange. Furthermore, it also has both voltages with the same ground and nothing works except the backlight, so practically nothing can be done, right? About shipping it, I'm not from the US, shipping would probably be more expensive than the speedometer itself 😅😅 The text says "HONDA CASE>ABS< LENS>PC<"
  5. And as I said before, it turned on a couple of times and worked very well, only then did it turn off and not turn on again
  6. Oh really? It's supposed to come out like that again, I don't know what would happen, there's no way it could come like that from the factory?
  7. So I have no idea what is happening haha, I attach photos to go final and discover what the ! is happening
  8. No, it is a quad with electronic transmission, 450 ES version, now about the wires, I apologize, I don't know how it happened but the wires discolored in the sun, wtf the sun doesn't shine there haha, I don't know how it happened but, yes I have current in both cables what you described to me, I checked the pins on the board and they look soldered in very good condition
  9. No, it is a 2001 Foreman 450 and 4x4, I do not have any red/black or brown/black wire in the plug, only the wire described above and the voltage in those same ones Something else I can check and where those wire are supposed to be from, what can you tell me?
  10. @AKATVI attach some photos that you asked me for, about the cables, the red/gray cable I have a constant 12v in the black/gray cable I have 12v when I turn the key to ignition
  11. Good morning, I have a 2001 Foreman Es 450 and its screen does not show anything, no light except the oil check light and the backlight of the screen, it does not show anything else, no number, no neutral or reverse light, but it does like 1 year everything turned on perfectly and then a month ago too, after that never again, there are no signs of humidity inside, not even dust, in addition all the connections that carry power and ground, for example the neutral and reverse lights, are working@AKATV
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