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Rancher 350ES Speedometer LCD Repair by [email protected]! Awesome

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Everyone who has an bad LCD display because of a bad polarization film needs to send your meter to @AKATV! Let me tell you, this guy knows what he is doing and he will fix and return your meter looking like brand new. So I was a little nervous about sending my meter to a guy that I have never met on a forum and to Alaska, at that! Dont worry. He knows what he is doing and communicated with me the entire time. I sent my meter via USPS and insured on a Thursday. It arrived at his house on a Monday(today) afternoon and he had it fixed and back in the mail to me the same day. I should get it Friday or Saturday. He sent pictures after the repair and pictures of the USPS box and tracking number. Dont worry and dont try this repair yourself unless you just want to. To each his own. I did not want to risk messing it up. All you do is send the actual lcd circuit board. It is very easy to remove. He has the power connections at his shop to energize the unit for testing. He only charges a very reasonable amount to do this repair. I checked other places and it was double what he charges. A new meter is 250-350 dollars. You dont need one unless your board is toast which is rarely the case. The polarization layer which sits on top of the LCD, its a plastic film basically, gets old and ages with time. Replace it and you once again have a crystal clear display! While your meter is out, you will have time to also buff and polish the cover lens. I used Meguiars headlight restoration kit to polish mine. It too is like new again. I will post pictures once I get it back and install it onto the machine, but here are a few pics until then. The pictures speak for themselves!





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