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  1. Yeah I'm kind of surprised a bad tps caused such an issue. After finally riding around for the first time shifting through the gears I kind of get it though, because the amount of throttle imput dictates when it upshifts or downshifts. So it makes sense, but also sucks because it can mess up so seemingly easily. The idea of limp mode is to get home and get it fixed. It will still get you home, but you kind of have to fix the issues with it being fully automatic. No option for a foot shifter on the hondamatic.
  2. Update Big thanks to jeepwm69, I ordered an oem carb and installed on the bike. Reset the codes and the bike runs through all gears in every setting, including ESP. Still having issues with the screen going blank intermittently but otherwise the bike is operational now. Just goes to show that cheaper isn't always better!
  3. 10-4 I'll check it out when I can. Running out of daylight today.
  4. First picture is red/black wire key off Second picture is brown/black wire key off Third picture is brown/black wire key on I looked over the pins to make sure they were straight and all seems well. The screen was blank when I looked at it, key off or on. I unplugged the 9 pin connector and reinstalled it and the screen was displaying again, key off and on.
  5. Thank you AKATV for looking. My concern is that the display is on whether the key is off or on. The gear indicator seems to work, mostly, but I'm still having issues with my tps so it mostly flashes D1, D2, ESP - - Ice found an oem carburetor on partzilla for $300. Just bought and installed a cheap Amazon carb. It runs but the tps won't register with the ecm or something. I've disconnected all harness connectors and sprayed them with electric cleaner and applied dielectric grease. All pins are tight and clean so it's most likely the Amazon tps. On partzilla an oem tps is $150, whereas the whole carb assembly is $300, so I'm torn between going all oem or just trying the tps.
  6. Unfortunately there was water sitting inside the speedo. I'm not circuit board savvy so I'm not sure if it's too far gone or salvageable. Pictures attached. The first picture with the screen on is while the key is off.
  7. Okay I'll check it out. Will update in a little bit to let y'all know what I find.
  8. When I first got the bike home the screen was completely blank so I took it apart and sprayed the connectors with contact cleaner, then applied lithium grease to keep moisture out. Since then the screen is working, but hard to see due to sun damage and scratches. The reverse led didn't start flickering till a week after I cleaned the connections. Only thing I didn't do is take the speedo screen apart, scared to try to do that and it not work at all. Previous owner had put what looks to be caulk around the wires on the back side of the screen though. As far as I can tell the speedo is accurate. I did notice that even with the key off the screen still has a display though, and it will sometimes show different speeds with the key off. Did I mention I HATE electrical stuff? Haha! Sometimes when I turn the key on, the gear indicator will be blank, or sometimes it flashes the gear that it's in plus D1, D2 and ESP flashing as well. As far as cheap Chinese parts and oem, where might I find an oem tps or carb assembly? I've done some looking on Google and was pretty disheartened at the price of even used oem parts. Also did some digging around for maybe a four wheeler salvage place nearby but no such luck.
  9. Okay so I've just received an Amazon carb and water pump. Cleared codes and reset the bike and it shifted great for about twenty seconds. Then it went back into limp mode. It seems whatever gear it's in when it goes into limp mode is the gear it stays in. I've reset the computer a few times and been stuck in first, second, and 5th gear depending on when it decides to limp. It's hard to see my screen at times, and lately my reverse led light has been flickering while in neutral. Not sure what's up with that. So far I've replaced the shift angle sensor and the leaky carburetor, which came with a tps. I thought about rebuilding the old carb but I don't think it's old, I think it's an Amazon carb as well. Rebuild kit was $30 and a carb was $50 so why not? There must be something wrong with the tps Amazon makes or something because it's still flashing code 4 on my display.
  10. I looked and found the service manual pdf files, but for the trx500fa (I believe?) the year options are 01-03, 05-08 and I think 05-12. Is 04 an in between year?
  11. Will do that now. Won't be free again to troubleshoot the bike till Sunday but maybe I'll find something out in the meantime. Thanks.
  12. Doesn't matter if it's in D1, D2 or EPS it's only ever in 4th gear. I've checked the battery voltage and it's 12.4 with the engine off. Once I crank it up voltage is 13.6. No idea how old this battery is but it seems to be fine. I have noticed, however, the starter does slow down a bit fast during cranking so maybe my battery is a bit tired.
  13. So I've just recently acquired my 04 foreman Rubicon 500 knowing that it ran but needed work. How much work, I've no idea! The screen is sun damaged but I cleaned up the connectors and applied dielectric grease which has helped enough to be able to see the display. Upon checking for codes I've seen code 4, which to my knowledge is the tps. I've ordered a new tps and am currently waiting for its arrival. The only other major issue I've found is that the quad only goes into 4th gear. I can clear the code for the tps and it will work in reverse normally without being in limp mode but after a little while it limps again. However going forward it is only ever in 4th, high range or low range. I thought in limp mode it would only go into 1st gear but I don't know much about these bikes yet. I've checked the shift motor and it spins freely. Am I missing anything?
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