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  1. Sealed battery and it is only about a month old. Took it back to Advance and they checked it and said it was good
  2. Will spark if I turn the switch on and rub the ground cable to ground side of battery
  3. Ok on the light. No spark at all when connecting the ground cable. I've tried to make it spark by rubbing it several times but no spark. That's what got me confused. That's old school stuff on older vehicles with no electronics but no spark
  4. Update on this 4wheeler I'm working on. First of all thanks for the info and what to check on my issue. As of now I'm just keeping the ground wire unhooked from the battery and connecting it when I use it. Today I checked voltage on battery after it sitting for 2 days and ground cable disconnected from battery and it was 12.97. After riding around for approximately 45 minutes(mostly in first and second gear checking on cows), disconnected the ground cable and voltage on battery is 13.51. It fires up as soon as you hit the start button and runs as smooth as a new one. Only change is oil pressure light is not working at all but I definitely have oil pressure and it is full of oil and changed oil and filter and air filter bout midsummer. Didn't get to check drain on battery because I forgot to change my red lead from amp side to volt side when checking my volt on battery and I guess y'all know what happened. Still reads volts but not amps. I'll get another one when back in town. I'll eventually get around to doing some checks on the amp drain but right now I'm just keeping the ground cable off until I use it.
  5. Bout my bedtime . Thanks for the info and y'all have a good night and tomorrow
  6. So what is the easiest way to check if something is draining the battery with a meter as far as where to put the leads.
  7. On checking the battery drain I took ground cable off and put meter leads on ground cable and ground post on battery
  8. I'll check some of these things tomorrow
  9. Disconnected ground cable from battery and did an amp check and it is showing a drain
  10. No lights on when switch is turned off
  11. Battery out of 4wheeler still holding over 13 volts in 24 hours
  12. No extras. Just headlights taillight and 3 bulbs on I guess u call the dash
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