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  1. I'm planning on removing the plastics soon and that should help me see where things are wired. I'll keep you posted
  2. Just posting on here in case some of you haven't heard of this site: https://www.cyclekeysonline.com/ Fair prices and excellent service. I ordered and received keys precut for my machines and pretty quickly. Just putting it out there in case anyone is in need of spares or replacements.
  3. Thanks a lot. I'll check it out
  4. Not a problem. Thanks for the effort and help. Much appreciated.
  5. More looking shows it was used in Maine as well, TRX300FW AM is Maine
  6. I found the magnifying tool to see the watermark. Thanks a lot. It is the setup I have and that answers a lot of questions. According to online info the AN was California.
  7. Thanks a ton. That is definitely the setup I have. Where did you find that? I can't make out the watermark with my bad eyes.
  8. I disassembled the headlamp switch and sure enough it was shorted closed. No big deal for now, they work so I'll address that later. I've noticed that looking through the wiring diagram in the manual that the microswitch on the left handlebar brake lever and the two wires on the right handlebar brake lever are not in the diagrams. Any idea why and where the lead?
  9. Many thanks Shadetree. My knees haven't been cooperating enough lately for me to do much tracing underneath. Hopefully in a few days.
  10. Good morning everyone. Just acquired this TRX on Saturday. The lamp mounted to the left side in the rear does not work. Bulb and socket are fine. I'm not sure what this lamp is for but it does look stock based on the bracket but I may be wrong. Has anyone seen one of these lamps before? I'm heavily arthritic and haven't been feeling well enough the last few days to get under and trace the wiring. If one of you has seen these lamps before do you know what it is wired to? Also the headlamps stay on all the time when the key is on, makes no difference if the switch is off. Any ideas? Thanks in advance and have a great day.
  11. I ordered the same one, it finally showed the other day and I will say for $30 it is pretty incredible. It gives out great light and only took about 10 minutes to install. I'm going to order another one to put on my 350. Thanks for the tip!
  12. If it worked for you that's good enough for me. I'll try it. Thanks!
  13. It certainly seems to be. Is there a particular light bar or bulb you'd recommend?
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