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  1. Fantastic. That's exactly what I'll use, those came out great. Much appreciated!
  2. Completely unsure of what you're getting at there, But I'm not looking to repaint them, just touch up the finish with a matching paint since asides from a some slight chips they're in excellent condition. My original question was if anyone is aware of Honda having had a paint code for reference to these wheels or has experience with a product that is a close match.
  3. Is anyone aware of a paint code for the OE wheel paint color? The wheels are original and in almost perfect shape except for areas of paint chipping off. I'd love to get a matching paint to touch it up.
  4. It was surprisingly easy.
  5. Uploaded to youtube. I did this in 2014 if memory serves:
  6. OK thanks, I'll take a short video tonight and try to post it tomorrow. It's a mod I made myself and put on probably 6 years ago or so.
  7. Does this forum allow a short video (8-10 seconds) to be uploaded? I have a custom mod on my 04 Rancher I guarantee nobody else has and a pic won't do it justice
  8. Thanks to everyone
  9. Hello everybody. New member here from the North woods of Vermont. I have 2 Hondas, a 2004 TRX350FE that i've owned for about 10 years and a 1995 TRX300 I just bought a month ago. The 1995 is in almost perfect condition for it's age. It was an incredible find that I bought off an old farmer just south of the Canadian border. I'm a Mopar tech by trade for 22 years
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