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  1. All we got up here was some rain and a not much wind to speak of. Its turning cool behind it though !! Bout time
  2. He didnt say anything about the clutches. The clutches were not releasing before he took it. I rode the bike around a few days when I put the kit in the carburetor and to be quite honest it had been so long since I'd ridden it I assumed the hard shift and lurch from 1st to 2nd was from having sat too long. It wasnt until a few days before I found this site, reading some posts of similar issues and adjusting the free play that I realized the clutch was not releasing. FIshFiles, you ok down there?? You had said Zeta was going to pass right over your place.
  3. Jeepwm69, The Links are still there but its turning in to a not so nice place. There was a shooting out there saturday afternoon. ShadeTree, I think what I'm going to do is just ride the bike this season and see how it goes. If it throws craps on me I still have my side by side to fall back on. Is Randy Morely still a City Judge in North Little Rock? He was my bro-n-law for a while till he and my wife;'s sister split up.
  4. no, the bike has never been sunk.
  5. Its possible gas may have gotten in the oil but it couldnt have been very much if any since the oil isnt over full. Its still got the same oil in it from when I got it out and did the carb kit. I'll get some new oil and change it if you think that will have an affect on it. Shadetree must be sleeping in this morning.
  6. I've always used Honda oil. I knew it had a wet clutch and needed Honda oil for use it that type bike. I had actually changed the oil just before it got parked. I got a side by side in 2012 thats when it got parked. I got it out in 2018-2019 and got it running. My son took it home with him since it was his birthday present back in 1999. I think he was turning 10. He brought it back because the needle and seat in the carburetor wasnt sealing off and leaked gas in his garage. I pulled the carburetor again and polished the needle seat with a qtip and dab of valve lapping compound and its been good since. NAWP ! ! Not in Singapore. I'm in Canton, MS just north of Jackson on I55.
  7. I'll keep riding it to see if things get any better before I open it up for a clutch I've reached a point in my life if I take something apart and it sits too long waiting for parts I tend to forget the little things. I see you're from Lacombe LA. I hope Zeta doesnt beat yall up too bad. I see another user here, ShadeTree is from North Little Rock, AR.....thats where I got my wife, of 39 years so far, from.
  8. Yes I"ve adjusted the freeplay according to the shop manual.
  9. Its a 1999 TRX400FW THere was no gas in the oil. WHen I sat it up I drained fuel from tank and carburetor bowl. The only reason the bike got parked was I got a side by side. That Foreman carried my rust ! many a swamp mile and still runs strong. The odometer is showing 6700+ miles
  10. They will not disengage when lifting or pressing down on the shifter. If you hold the shifter down or up while applying a little throttle in any gear the bike will still go. After I rode the bike for about an hour I was shifting while turning on pavement and the clutches released and shifting was normal.....ie: holding the shift lever up was like keeping the clutch depressed in your truck but let the bike sit for a little while, an hour or so, the clutches are locked up again. I hope I'm explaining it where it makes sense.
  11. This bike sat unused for 5-6 years. I've brought it back to life with a carburetor kit, spark plug and all fluids and filters. I only have one issue...the clutch would not release. I rode it for about an hour got it good and hot and when turning around on pavement and down shifting the clutches broke free. All was good, it shifted like it should. I stopped back at the shop and let the bike sit for about 30 minutes and when I started to ride again the clutches were again locked up. They broke free after a short run but locked again after sitting a short time. Is there some type of wet clutch conditioner additive I can run through it to help with this issue? OR, just ride the crap out of the bike and hope they will eventually stop locking up.
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