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  1. Jeepwm69: I just now read your post and went out to my garage and crawled under my 4 wheeler. I looked on the rear of the engine and found a wire that had come loose. I reattached it and tried to put it into reverse and in it went with no problem. You saved me a lot of work and trouble shooting shooting and I deeply appreciate it. CHEERS! BillN
  2. After some more inspection I see that I can access both 8P and 5P through the wheel well. I looks like it might be easier if I remove the tire. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Melatv. That is the measurement I need to make. I have already taken the side covers off and I can see 8P and 5P but since I have big hands I guess I will have to take off the rear finder to get at it. I wonder if there isn’t a easier way. By the way can you put the transmission in reverse using the manual tool? Thanks. Bill
  4. Folks: I installed a new carburetor and am glad to report that my TRX350FE runs like a new machine. Thanks to you all for your suggestions. One other problem has arisen. My machine shifts normally in all forward gears - no problem. When I try to to put it in reverse however from neutral it’s a no go. I go through the procedure of pushing down the red button and simultaneously squeeze the brake lever as I have always done but no R appears on the digital display. Pushing down the red button allows me to simultaneously engage a second lever below the break lever which then moves with the brake lever. i read the trouble shooting guide and it wants me to check the continuity of a pin located on a connector in a spot difficult to access. Can I check the reverse switch up on the handle bars somehow or maybe I should just go ahead and replace it. By the way I can shift manually ok. Thanks! Bill
  5. Thanks Fishfiles. I have decided to go ahead and remove the gas tank, clean it out throughly and clean the filter/screen before I remove and clean the carb. A partially blocked filter/screen could be a major part of my troubles. I have downloaded the OEM Shop Manual. It is far better than the Haynes manual and answers most of my questions. Nice to meet another good old southern boy. Cheers!
  6. My apologies. My first post identified my vehicle incorrectly due to a typo. The correct model is a TRX350FE. The owner’s man refers to it as a Fourtrax 350 4x4 ES. The picture below shows the top of the carb with two screws visible and two screws covered up by the hoses. .
  7. I am well on my way to getting the OEM manual. Thanks! Is there a reliable company which will trade a rebuilt carb for my present carb? It might be more practical for me to go this route.
  8. Ball joints: Can you find me a service manual for a Honda 2001 TRX350FE? Thanks!
  9. Thanks sled22! I think it wouldn’t be smart to start the job without a kit since I am sure that I will need a gasket at least an heaven knows what else. My carburetor has a removable top. Remove two screws and you can lift it off what appears to be a stainless steel disk and look down into the carburetor. I wonder why they designed this in. It makes the top of the carburetor readily available. Goober I have a manual from Haines but perhaps I should buy the OEM manual. By the way I am in Pensacola Florida.
  10. Thanks toodeep! I am afraid that you are right on the money. I was hoping that it might be something like a fuel filter but I cannot find one unless it is inside the fuel tank. The carb is obviously fuel starved so guess I will plan an afternoon to get the job done. I wonder if they sell a kit for that carb?
  11. Inherited 2001 TRX350 XE (3100 miles) which hadn’t been started in couple of years. Changed gas, new oil and filter, new air filter. Added carb cleaner to gas. It starts but the choke must be held closed until it warms up and then the idle adjustment must be set very high. After a few minutes of driving the rpms are too high and must be adjusted down. Any suggestions. Thanks. Bill
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