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  1. Got contact info and location for Mr. Crankshaft? Need to get a quote before I decide to tear this thing apart. Thanks
  2. That kind of knowledge is invaluable!!! Thanks for letting me know.
  3. It has been sunk previously and never torn all the way down. From the advice I am getting here it sounds like it is time to pull the motor and get it on a table for a complete rebuild. Thanks everyone for the words of wisdom and taking your time to help me.
  4. My son did the work and he is pretty concious about making sure all is right. He is a polaris 1000 play in the mud guy so he is always working on some one's machine is his riding group. With the compression good (210) on the rebuild would the rings still be questionable? It got hot one time due to fan switch not operating so my guesswork leans me toward the valve seals?
  5. started smoking all of a sudden. low compression. probably not maintained well at it's previous location.
  6. I have a 2001 Foreman S that is smoking extremely bad. Recently changed piston, rings, valves and valve seals. Ran a compression check with reputable instrument three times, showing 210 each time. During the tear down the cylinder did not show any signs of scarring, scratches, etc. and miked out within tolerances in a Haynes manual. Machine runs great right now. Just smokes like crazy and is using a lot of oil. It has gotten hot one time since the rebuild due to the fan not activating, but not real hot. It is on a toggle switch now so it has cooling all the time.
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