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  1. I've read alot his posts. He's a sorcerer with these things lol
  2. The later model (02 up) has selectable 4wd which also adds a light in the CM. Akatv would be able to elaborate more than I ever could
  3. Still gotta bleed the brakes and fix other small things. Got all the plastics on today
  4. Well I bought the bike apart from a friend. Came with both ecus. I was told one is new. One is oe. The new one is just a goner I suppose. These used one I have is the only good one. So now I'm just going to put it together and get it in good shape. And ride it. It's got 1344 miles on the clock and 288 hours
  5. So bought a used ecu on ebay. I chose used cause it would be a known good unit, and it was cheaper. Mostly wanted for the known good part. The oem one must have been shot. And the new oem one must have been shot, out of the box. This used ecu I got, not only do I hear the relay click with key on, it also shifts. The battery might be weak. But I get a shift. With niether previous ecus did I get a relay click from the ecu with key on. Getting there I suppose
  6. There is 5v voltage to and from handlebar up and down switches Cleaned ground on frame Changed connections at battery (for no reason just hopes and dreams) Bought a ecu on ebay, waiting on that Jumped the pins from the ecu 5 wire plug and the motor did shift gears
  7. The brand was elysis or something like that. And Rocky mountain site shows that as honda manufactured. Either way I'm going to try and find an ecu cause I don't trust either of them. And if the ecu still don't work then I know it's still a wiring gremlin
  8. So here's what I've done, that I remember to date Put known working shifter controls in. Quad had controls taken apart and missing pieces to find shifting issue. I verified that these new to me controls do work, and have continuity when buttons depressed. Also jumped the pinouts in the connector to bypass the controls, still nothing. Black orange to either wire Followed diag for wiring in honda manual. Checked most if not all wires that work with the es system. Only wire I found that wasn't right was the grey black wire going to CM. No continuity with ground with the plug connected, key on, and in nuetral Speed sensor tested. Has correct input voltage. And reference wire outputs 5v and speed is recorded on CM Replaced rectifier with known good rectifier Replaced angle sensor with new oem honda sensor. Original tested good ES shift motor spins with 12v, and has been cleaned inside no damage All connectors in harness are dry, with absolutely no dirt inside. Also checked over the whole harness for damage, or wire pinches Swapped ecus. One ecu is oem original. Another is Rocky mountain new oem. Both 771 codes. The old one has a steady neutral light. The new one has a flashing constantly neutral light. No codes. And no codes are retrievable. The time on the CM resets after about a day even though the battery is being maintained at 13v+ constantly Edit: I found this to be wrong. I unplugged the CM about every day because I work on it every day. Killing the saved time. Swapped batteries with known good battery Tested all the fuses. They all tested good but I replaced them all anyways. Gear position sensor records every gear on the CM and tests out good as well Checked and verified grounds and battery connections Voltage to ecu is battery standard voltage. The only things that stand out to me is that the grey black in the CM doesn't have continuity to ground. They both have to do with the CM and I have not been able to swap that out yet, being I don't have one available. Akatv you mentioned these two things before. Edit. Grounded the grey black wire just now and I hear a click from the ecu and the gear indicator goes blank. So I'm assuming now that I have a bad CM
  9. Might be late now but I'm about to work on it if you're around
  10. Any other takers. Might work on it tonight
  11. Also the time resets about daily and its on a charger
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