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  1. They call it a "feeler gauge" for a reason. It's all about the feel!
  2. Well guys, I took my Rancher to the dealer today. It was diagnosed as a bent shaft on the IACV just as Toodeep thought. They replaced the valve and I am back in business. Thanks to everyone who contributed!
  3. I see. Well, I am seriously considering a Mule. The one I want has a three cylinder engine. Do you know anything about the Honda Pioneer? Honda offers a 700cc thumper and a 1000cc twin. I don’t need to make a mistake on an expensive machine
  4. Toodeep, yes I tried the original IACV after cleaning it and the place where it goes.
  5. Hello retro, is the engine you refer to the 3 cylinder Kawi? From what I understand it is a Chinese made engine, that is a bit of a turn off.
  6. Yes toodeep when I looked at the new IACV it appeared a little tweaked but it also looked as if the cylinder sort of like it was able the pivot on shaft. I will take it back apart to make sure. As far as the Kawi goes, I think it is a shame that Honda doesn’t have a more utility like unit to compare the Mule to. I like the Honda Pioneer but I think it is more recreational than utilitarian. Are you a fan of the Pioneer? 700 or 1000?
  7. Thank you toodeep. I am beginning to think that there was maybe a computer chip failure. Guessing that there is computer logic that controls the IACV. Bent shaft makes sense but how would it get bent? My bike was fine and then it wasn't. When I purchased the new valve, it appeared to have the "slide" out of alignment with the shaft but it also seamed to float fairly freely on the shaft thus self aligning. I also after re-reading the manual with Fishfiles help see that you are supposed to lightly seat the slide valve up against the motor upon install, which I did. Going to take it to a dealer tomorrow or Saturday. Also going to take a look at a Kawasaki Mule while there. Want one in addition to my Rancher anyway.
  8. That's great that you're near retirement. Hope it works out for you.
  9. Also, after reading the page more closely is says to lightly seat the slide on the valve body. Duh me!
  10. Yes I have seen those pages. I don't ride through water at all. Got to log off now for a while. Thanks again Fishfiles!
  11. Yes section 6. I am thinking that the cylinder that slides up and down to control the intake air at idle is either sticking or not being told to move by a computer module. It has a little motor that attaches to a shaft that moves the cylinder up and down thus either opening or closing a port that allows more or less air into the throttle body during idle. The little cylinder is much like a slide valve on an old style carburator. The slide can be adjusted up and down by turning it up and down the threaded shaft from the little motor, but no mention is made about where the cylinder should be for installation other than the slot must align with the pin in the throttle body. The high idle on the trouble shooting is on page 6-6 third from the bottom. Thanks for your help by the way
  12. I understand being old school! Back when there were points, condensers, timing lights and the like. Computer controlled engines were way into the future. Toodeep replied to my 1st post. Maybe Toodeep is still pondering what the issue could be. I do have the manual. Downloaded last weekend when I still trying to figure it out. I will post an answer when either I or the Honda shop figure it out. I will also look at the manual link that you sent me. Thanks!
  13. Thanks Fishfiles! I may join in next time. Any thoughts on my idle problem?
  14. Thanks for welcoming me. Yes, I thoroughly cleaned the entire throttle body. There is about 1/8" of free play in the throttle cable.
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