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  1. You are in for a treat! I have 2 Meopta Optika5 riflescopes. 1 4-20x50 and a 3-15x44. Both sit on .308 Win rifles and I couldn't be happier. the 3-15 has a ZPlus reticle that lets me dial in the drops using Strelok Pro. Perfect for the kind of hunting I do often times from a makeshift hide I haul around in my Honda Pioneer. I used to have a blind I could sit in the back of the Pioneer until I decided that a roof was more important. Meopta makes excellent glass and the 1 inch tube and sleek profile of the Optika5 fits right into all the hunting needs that I have. I am looking forward to gettig the 2-10x42 for a super accurate bolt action CZ 457 that I have.
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