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  1. Can anyone tell me the honda part number for the flywheel and clutch pullers?
  2. I will, im not going to buy anything before tearing it apart. Im going to try to test line pressure tonight. Need to see if there is a write up on here with what fittings i need to test it.
  3. Would you have a part number for that specific part?
  4. I assume if mine has the D1, D2 and ESP modes, that it is a hondamatic?
  5. I just bought a 02 Rubicon that is in pretty good shape. It starts but wont shift. Previous owner said the trans went out on it. Anybody know what the common failure is on these transmissions? Just looking for a starting point on what is typical. I plan on pulling the engine and going through it.
  6. On the bypass kit, how does it know your in top gear or in reverse and stop you from going the wrong direction with the motor? I guess shift in a way its not supposed to ?
  7. My plan is to fix it and sell it. Id hate to rig it with a bypass kit and sell it. But maybe thats what i will have to do.
  8. Well, I had already purchased a new Angle sensor so I swapped it in. No dice, still doesnt do anything. So I tried to get the self diagnostics to work, and either there are no codes, or I am not getting it done correctly. So I moved through the troubleshooting and have made it to the part it wants me to test the gear indicator. If I manually shift it, it displays ever gear correctly. So im guess its not that. I plugged in a shift motor that I bench tested and still nothing. I also swapped the ECU and the black box up by the right front wheel with ones i have spares of (unconfirmed they are functional) no change. I have verified i have continuity from the angle sensor to the ecu. Obviously there are a ton more steps in the troubleshooting guide yet, but I do not think it should be this hard. The fact that its not even trying to shift is odd, yet it throws no codes (assuming Im doing the button/key funtions correctly) I do have another ES shifter setup that I tried and still no change.
  9. No blinking of the N. So i assume no codes. The motor does not try to shift at all when i hit the buttons. I think its odd that it doesnt throw any codes. I bought an OEM angle sensor. I will try to put that on tonight.
  10. If you go to the 3rd post, i think i clearly spell it out???? "So what does the front angle sensor do if its the rear sensor that keeps count of what gear its in? "
  11. Okay, so I replaced the display, and now the gear indicator is working perfectly when I manually shift it. still no ES though. So my guess is the angle sensor.
  12. I was just trying to paint a picture of the machine. The shifter being welded has nothing to do with this. What year Ranchers had the weak shift drum? So what does the front sensor vs the rear sensor do?
  13. Well the previous owner welded a lever to the shift shaft and it shifts fine via the foot shifter. The display doesnt work most of the time, i do have a spare screen i was going to try out. So what does the front angle sensor do if its the rear sensor that keeps count of what gear its in?
  14. I bought a 01 Rancher ES that the ES isnt working. My guess is the shift angle sensor, as it does not try to shift at all, and doesnt display a gear on the dash. Will a faulty shift angle sensor not show the current gear position? The atv is in neutral, but it shows -- on the gear display. Often is that just a sensor failure, or is there a common mechanical failure on the end of the shift drum that could be an issue?
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