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  1. I don’t know if changing the oil feed pipe (page 2) helped. Or the shift motor most likely, I believe the friction in the motor was prevented the shift from making a complete shift. Changed the angle sensor but that didn’t help early in the game. im far from an expert but I wish I was. I’m always interested to learn about complex testing of electric components and that as a mechanic I am learning try get better with it. I just appreciate the input you experts have in your experience
  2. Testing it a few more times you flip the key on the neutral light stays on and the displays N great! It i’m shifts and to first and back down to neutral I drove it around for about 45 minutes testing every option and button mode gear works alright. Hopefully it does for him
  3. Thank you everyone especially jeemwm69 for the hot tips and encouraging ways of doing things. 940$ parts 3 hours labour I’ll never take a Es job ever again haha
  4. Parts 940$ labour 3 hours I’ll never take on another Es job ever. Thank you everyone who chimed in with hot tips and encouraging ways of doing things.
  5. Oil level good, turn key on — displays, starts without need of hand brake application. Wait 2 seconds N comes on. Button shifts up all 5 gears and automatically downshifts for you! 2wd 4wd works great! In auto and esp! It kinda shifts hard!!! but it shifts and displaying! now when you turn off the quad in neutral and turn on again — is displayed,, start the machine and wait 2 seconds N is displayed That’s a little weird but it shifts and displaying
  6. Used the emergency shifter to put it in neutral by feel no N light, displays ~ no codes, started off for 5 secs upshifted display still ~ then I down shifted shut off the machine checked the oil now I put 5 litres of oil in not a drop on the stick but the right hand side fill port is to the rim!! Wtf now it’s not draining into the sump
  7. Got oil I don’t know what as used in the past but I have Honda 10/30 in it, Put in the new shift motor tonight
  8. Enough with the sensors!! Haha frig I’ll do as you say with the relay i must be able to reset the bank sensor? Jump it to try. maby I’ll youtube it or find out how
  9. No start now, did when I took it apart. turns over, great spark dry as a bone pulled it 3 times. Never drained the fuel charged battery. I hear the fuel pump full tank of fuel. What did I do!
  10. It’s a customers quad actually he’s crying for it. I will Never take a electrical job again. It’s apparent the drag on the shift motor output gear is to much for the return spring in the transmission to return to grab another gear. Don’t know if that’s a huge deal. He did say it’s his 3rd shift motor anyway I’m working late on the quad to get it on it’s wheels and do some tests if I can from the manual, chime away
  11. I’m in Canada I’m not even going to try to order state side again. I wonder if their as good as Honda
  12. Oh they are a toilet!!! no man in their right mind take a Es quad into the bush with them here it’s a unspoken rule lol you will walk home!!! You will have issues lol the dude is crying for it and I’m trying so hard for the guy. now that it’s together I can try testing sensors n stuff more seriously
  13. Ok I put it all back together before I put it down on its wheels I tried using the manual shifter with the motor installed, I was only allowed to get one shift and it felt stuck and would not rachet back to grab another gear, I then unbolted the shifter motor and I heard the rachet return “ free up” without the shifter motor installed I can shift through all the gears with the manual shifter. The gears are all clean and lightly greased. Somthing with the shifter motor is binding up with the shift change it’s like sticky or somthing. you can feel the resistance with the motor on. The motor output gear seems to spin fine by finger Without the motor bolted on it makes firm sure shifts like it should and returns ready for another gear.. I’m getting a shifter motor tommaorow. Maby slop in the gears.. agh
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