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  1. Hi, been trying everything and nothing came out, resign now!! Will try to found a garage next that can help me! Thanks for the manual, will be very useful for us when the bloody thing will be back on the road...thanks you all again Chris
  2. As you can see on the second picture it seems that there is a nut still in it next to the black metal ring before the diff or is it not!!
  3. As you can see , it all out now, can't ear anything crunchy with the bearings, could it be ok? Wondering if I could just put everything back together like it is now and put fresh oil! Or is it going to leak again? And what kind of oil? Need to get bearings for the swing arm..did try everything and still can't get the axle out and all the nuts are seized anyway...
  4. Problem is I can't get the axle out the diff, won't come off...got the swing arm out now out both bearings or gone to dust....
  5. If you ve got one in hand that will be helpful thanks anyway did try my best to take it apart as you can see on the picture I am struggling, I can't open the diff as I don't know how to get rid of the black metal thing or the right!! Help!! Next step plz. The rest look ok to me!! Just want to open the diff, clean it and put it back together...
  6. struggling already, skid plate and oil off but dont how to take the diff off without taking the axel off
  7. Only thing I forgot it's the oil for it!! Does it need to be Honda one or can I get Any wet clutch bike s one ?
  8. Hi, will do, got the tools ready and will have a go at it tomorrow, what happen happen !! Been told to open it clean it and pray..then will try the back brakes to...
  9. Hi, what should I get, a diff seals kit?or what kind of seals?
  10. will have to try it as soon as , will look around to found exactly what sort of tools and witch seals or bearing kit i need to buy and where, thanks all
  11. will have to try it as soon as , need to know what sort of tools and witch seals or bearing i need to buy
  12. Hi, knowing me and tools, a pictures and instructions will be needed , if anyone know a website who does this kind of thing that will be great, did look at some on YouTube but seems too complicated. I need to have a go at it anyway if not the atv will have to go...
  13. Hi, you all sound very encouraging to do it he job myself but don't think I will have all the right tools for it, did look around for a spare diff but prices are so hight!! And no the atv not been swimming, just been using my flails mower and that happens!! Feel like mayo!! Oil and water!! Going to look around whatever help I can get and will let you posted, thanks all for your help again
  14. hi, new with this forum and i need your help please!!! as you can see on the picture we ve got quiet a big problem !! what need to be done to stop the leak, i am not such a mechanic but cant really afford to bring our atv to a shop to be be fix for us, could it be just a seal to be change?? late 2006 trx 420 thanks for your help, if there is any mechanic in the wrexham area who s willing to come round you are welcome.....
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