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350 Rancher upgrades

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There are a couple of guys on bookface who have really built up their 350 Ranchers, and while I've done a couple of mods to my daughters, two more were mentioned last weekend that I thought I'd add here.


I've already posted up swapping in a 400AT front diff, which makes the 350 Rancher selectable 4wd.


And this will help you set up a "start in gear" feature like the newer machines have, where you can start in gear, but only with the right brake handle held back


 07-13 factory disc brakes from a 420 Rancher will bolt right on at the ball joints, giving you much better stopping power (14-up 420 brakes will NOT fit properly)


A 400 AT cam and timing chain is a bolt in slight upgrade.  Did this when I rebuilt the kid's 350 Rancher engine.


I haven't done any of the mods listed below this point, but plan on trying them.


Yesterday, courtesy of Jake A-Ron Duncan on bookface, I learned that the 400AT stator and flywheel will bolt in (350 puts out 245W and the 400AT puts out 320W, and the heavier 400AT flywheel gives a bit more rotational mass which supposedly helps low RPM torque) and the 400 head also bolts on and has slightly larger intake port and larger valves.


I have an extra engine in the shop that is more or less rebuilt and ready to go, but I think I'll try finding some used 400AT bits to swap onto that one.

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