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Bearing part numbers

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Since bearings and finding decent bearings at a reasonable price are something that comes up often, I figured I'd post up some bearing sizes that I've run into doing projects.


350D rear end bearing part numbers

Axle Pinion big bearing is 63/22 2RS Seal is 38x64x11

Two ring gear bearings are marked 6007RS Seals 35x49x6 and 35x54x6

Small pinion gear NK14x24.5x15

Axle tube bearings are 62/28-2RS and 60/32-2RS, two of each.

Axle tube seals are 42x58x10

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Here are some of the numbers of bearings and seals , from the Wide Open kits for the TRX250A /ATC250ES

Wide Open diff kit :
pinion bearing large /top KOYO Japan NQ14/16D
pinion small bottom KOYO Japan 63/2281
pinion seal = = 91251-HC5-005 = 38x64x11 ( KOYO) = old number 91251-HA0-013
ring gear side bearings = 96100-60073-00 ( 6007 )
side seal left = 91252-HA0-003 = 35x49x6 (ARAI )
side seal right = 91253-HA0-004 = 35x54x6 (ARAI) = old number 91253-HA0-004
pinion bearing small = 91061-HA0-004 = 14x22x16
pinion bearing large = 91061-ME4-004 = 22x56x16

Wide Open Axle kit :
brake panel bearings /right side (2) RB08 ( Wide Open #) 62/28RS
axle tube bearings /left side (2) RB09 ( Wide Open #) 60/32RS
Left axle tube seal (Wide Open#) KOK TC 42 5810 = 91255-HAO-681= 425810=M600C
Drum seal BS201 ( Wide Open #) 41 x 76 x 10.5 = 912262-HA8-003 =30-6701-1

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300 rear diffs

Small Pinion bearing NK14X24.5X15
Large pinion bearing 22x56x16 (63/22-2RS)
ring gear bearings (2 required) 43X68X13

Seals are
38X64X11TC pinion seal
42X51X7TC right side of diff
42X58X10TC left side of diff (stock is 42x58x11)


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I did nose around on a somewhat-local place's website and found Koyo bearings cheaper than Honda (same bearings) for most Foremans and Ranchers.

Left rear bearing

Left rear seal

Rear brake drum bearing

Brake drum inner seal (inside of brake drum, going into axle tube)

Rear drum outer seal...this is a 14mm thick seal and the factory is 19mm thick I THINK it will still work but I'll let the experts chime in.

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SuperATV bearing sizes for their front & rear disc brake kits:

Front for the 2wd kit: 20x42x12mm = 6004-2RS
Rear: 28x58x16mm = 62/28-2RS

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