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Homemade TRX200SX Winch Mount

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Repost of my old forum post from old website

Hey guys I thought i should just share a video on how I made my own custom winch mount for my 86 TRX200sx as none (that i can find with hours of Google search) made a bracket for this ATV.

The other video is of my TRX200SX plowing some snow using my modified plow, and my homemade winch mount.

Note: The plow mount came with the ATV and is un-labeled, so I have no info on manufacture or origin. 

Please keep in mind I am not at all really into vehicle mechanic's and what not (Or tools) so this DIY project that i am trying to explain was like 95% trial and error with no help from my father aside from the welding. It took me 9 brackets to get one that worked.

If anyone wants info on this project that is not said in the video let me know and I will try to get it for you as i never really drew this design out, i do not have a lot of specific information.

Most of these parts I used were just scrap I was able to get for free, and bolts and stuff my father had in his mess of a basement (he is a pack rat).


My Mount:




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