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88 300 2wd disc conversion / lift

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I am posting this for Mikeykey who asked these questions :



I have a 1988 honda fourtrax 300 2wd that I'm looking for info on:


Upgrading the front brakes to disc.

Upgrading/replacing the front & rear shocks

Potentially adding a lift


Start with the shocks , 88-92 300s are considered 1 generation 2wd  , they used  McPherson struts , I have "  NEVER " seen any replacements for those OEM shocks  , they are no longer available from Honda , no after market , used is your only option that I know of and they are rare to find ----------    there are no factory lift kits available for that year and model , I have seen my buddies cut pipe , disassembly the spring of the front shock , cram the pipe in between the spring and shock and get some lift , but it makes it solid / stiff , no cushion at all , wouldn't recommend it , leave the lift alone 


On the disc conversion  they no longer sell the kit that was used to modify a 300 to disc , it was sold by SuperATV and fit a Rancher 2wd , I have done the 2ng and 3rd generation 300s  using that kit and making my own caliper mounting brackets and purchasing shims from McMaster Carr , I never did the 1st gen 300 because the spindle bolt pattern or the brake backing plate is different and  very tight , I think it could be done , but you can't buy the kit any more  


If you can find a used kit , then you have to make new brackets to hold the calipers , there is no ofset on the new brackets and the hole pattern is different ------  The 1st gen spindle is even a smaller pattern then the one in the pick 4th pic -----  Hope this helps , leave it alone is the best thing 








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The 88 2wd 300 only has one lower a-arm , the knuckle bolts on top of the lower a-arm , the strut clamps into the knuckle and then bolts to the frame on top , the second and third gens have upper and lower a-arms and the knuckles go between them 


 you can see in this pic how smaller  the bolt pattern is where you would be bolting up a caliper mounting bracket if doing a disc conversion , have always thought it could be done but not sure , never tried it other than placing a second gen plate up against the 1st gen knuckle  and it is different 


I was mentioning people getting a lift from placing a piece of pipe between #4 spring and  #13 collar first pic or #3 and #10 in the second pic , it will jack up it , but is a bad idea as it  will be riding solid , best  to leave it alone 





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Great advice and insight into the '1st gen' 300 2wds. The next step is to explore the rear shock. I have read (extensively) that a progressive 512 for a 2000 Honda Foreman is the best options with some minor modification to the brackets. Are you or anyone else aware of a direct replacement that stiffens the back up? Mine is worn out!

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