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Opinions Stihl HP Ultra?

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Haven't posted lately, hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, we got today off at work plus the weekend.  Would like opinions if you wouldn't care on Stihl HP Ultra, I've been around the stuff cause of where I work has mostly stihl equipment, and it stinks plus only FB certification, next to lowest you can get. 


 I use Echo Red Armor personally and love it, much cleaner and better odor. Below is my email to Stihl and I got this back from them as an answer from Stihl about the certification question.


Hello, I was wondering if you could tell me what oil you use to make your HP Ultra and why it isn't FD Certified, I was shocked the company I work for uses an uncertified oil. Could you send me proof of certification. No wonder I'm having to tear into all the 4mix equipment also has a HORRIBLE odor when running.


Stihl answer.



Hi Jd,
Thank you for contacting Stihl USA, Hp ultra is certified to API TC standards.

Specifications for two stroke oil

Specifications for two stroke oil are as follows.

  • NMMA TC-W3 – two cycle water-cooled, third generation. TC-W3
    obsoletes TC-W & TC-WII. Oils with this spec do not use metal based
    additives and are ashless. This is an outboard-specific spec -- most
    mopeds will not use this kind of oil.
  • API TC – only API spec established for two cycle engines. It
    regulates lubricity, detergency, ash content and pre-ignition. Oils with
    this spec are typically using metal-based, ash-producing additives.
  • JASO FA – original spec established regulating lubricity,
    detergency, initial torque, exhaust smoke and exhaust system blocking
  • JASO FB – increased lubricity, detergency, exhaust smoke and exhaust system blocking requirements over FA.
  • JASO FC – lubricity and initial torque requirements same as FB,
    however far higher detergency, exhaust smoke and exhaust system blocking
    requirements over FB.
  • JASO FD – same as FC with far higher detergency requirement.
  • ISO-L-EGB – same tests and requirements as JASO FB.
  • ISO-L-EGC – same tests and slightly higher detergency requirements (piston varnish) as JASO FC.
  • ISO-L-EGD – same tests and requirements as JASO FD.


NMMA: National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) -- based in the USA.

API: American Petroleum Institute -- based in the USA

JASO: Japanese Automobile Standards Organization -- based in Japan

ISO: International Standards Organization -- based in Europe


Cory Carden
Technical Service Representative
536 Viking Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23452-7391
Telephone: (800) 467-8445
Direct   (757) 785-2350
E-Mail:    [email protected]
Internet:   www.stihlusa.com
See the source image
No reply sense.



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