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    • Yes I do.    Zilla front 26x9x12 is 19.3lbs Zilla rear 26x11x12 is 23.xx lbs   Executioners 26x10x12 are 26lbs 
    • Thank you everyone for your help. I am not sure where the vin is on the wheeler but these are the stickers I could find. I also have the bill of sale from when the guy I bought it from bought it from the original owner.  So I have 3 30 amp fuses one on the orange inline like others have shown and 2 in the same holder with red wires coming out of it. I see the 3 30amp when looking at the wiring harness on partzilla but not in the service manual. And what also gets me is that when I pulled the inline 30amp out of the holder and put it back in, it started shifting again. And mind you that goes from the red white wire in the relay to a red wire to the starter solenoid. So I am a bit lost.
    • If you are talking about loosening the 4 10mm nuts on bottom of the speedometer,  I spray a little WD40 and use a quick burst on the electric impact to free up the nuts If you go at it slow with a ratchet and the nuts are corroded you run the risk of twisting out the mounted (in plastic) studs All the rest is just a bunch of phillips head screws that are not generally a problem unless the heads are corroded into non-existance if so and there is enough left-then you can just twist them out with pliers or vise-grips  
    • Do you happen to know the weight difference between them and Zillas?
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