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    • I had not checked that so I will check that next what am I looking for it to do sorry as I said new to this
    • work on the crank issue 1st. that only involves the starter, the solenoid, starter and battery. the other issues,, start with the fuses. also, download the service manual at the top of the page.
    • did u jump the the solenoid?, as take a wire and touch both copper colored terminals, to see if the starter works to crank the motor? 1 wire goes to the battery, the other to the starter.
    • the 1st., thing you need is the service manual which is at the top of the page. then go from there. there are plenty of answers here if you should still need them. do grease the shifter gears when you get the chance.  it it will shift up, it should shift down, that is quite obvious. i can not give you an exact cause as yet. u sure the shifter button is working?
    • Welcome to the forum! Let me see a few pictures of of what you have going on and I can better let you know what needs to be done The 400 FGA screen is a hard one to come by What was wrong with the first one and what do you think happened to the second one? what are they doing exactly I will send my contact information to your message box as well -AKATV
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