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99 foreman 450es all 3 dash leds are on

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I have a 99 foreman 450 es, went to start it one day & it wouldn’t do anything. Noticed that the neutral reverse & oil temp light are all on and don’t change. I manually shifted it into 1st but no change. I don’t really care for the display I just need it to have spark and I put a hand shifter in to bypass having to use the esp system. What would be the easiest way to just get spark out of it so I can use it around the farm. 

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Hi and welcome to the forum!

There is a fuse that will blow that will make the neutral light and reverse come on at same time while also killing spark

check your fuses first and let us know what you find out

your oil light being on is most likely caused by a faulty fan control module under fender or your oil temp sender is bad or  itswire shorted to ground


The only other thing I can think of is to make sure your speedometer is not full of water and has corroded 

the internal circuit card

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