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Mike M

06 Trx 350 display

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Hello @AKATV


i have a 06 Honda Trx350 with a non working display. The neutral, reverse, and oil pressure lights did work until I took it apart. Seems quite hard to get the two harnesses off the board.  Any tricks. I’m from Alberta Canada and it seems like you can fix these.









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Welcome to the forum Mile

Thanks for the pictures, the 04-06 rancher 350 harness are NOT removable, they LOOK like plugs but are permanently attached

They have to be de-soldered to remove them

You have some water damaged components on the board, the zener diode on the bottom left (ZD1) and 2 resistors

on the bottom right (R31 and R32)

Its possible to repair, if that is all that is wrong

I will send my contact information to your message box as well

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