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2004 Honda foreman 450es instrument cluster

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@AKATVThe mass of the internet has led me here. I have a 2004 foreman 450es with several thousand miles on it and was running great.  The bike had a cracked instrument cluster when I received it and evidently resulted in a short that quickly kills the battery after riding. I cleaned it up and it worked for a little bit. I know the correct part, 37200-HN0-771, is discontinued everywhere. I was hoping you could give the alternate part number of something that would work in its place...

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There is no alternate part number actually, which is why I started repairing them

What is your speedometer doing exactly now? It is very rare to see one drain the battery so quickly as they

do not draw much power and to kill the battery that quickly they would almost catch on fire

Honda DID put an inline module they designed after the fact as there is/was a known drain

that would draw the battery down over several days to weeks.

Doulble check you voltage regualtor for proper operation and that can cause the same problem you are having

Post a few pictures of your speedometer and we can get it sorted out

I will send my contact information to your message box as well

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