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Blinking lights and fan ...

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Hi Folks ... I have a 2021 Honda Forman Rincon (TRX520FA6 with power steering) ... When I turn the key on the fan starts and there are 7 short blinks on the yellow warning light ... Can anyone tell me the problem and/or how to fix it ? ... It's a 2-1/2 hour drive to the place where I bought it ... ALSO I'm  looking for a SERVICE MANUAL for the same machine ... Thank You Very Much ... WoodBoy

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520 isn't a Rincon, it's a Foreman or Rubicon.  The Rincon is a 680.


The newest factory service manual in the "library" here is the 2014-2016 Foreman FE FM TM, , but that will work, as there haven't been many mechanical/ electrical changes since that generation was released.


Look in the toolbar at the top of the page where it says "service manuals" click on that, then "Honda" then "Utility" and then on "Foreman 500 FE FM TM" and then choose the 2014-2016 manual and pull it up.


On page 4-11 a code 7 is the "ECT sensor" which will cause the fan to run all the time.  That's the coolant sensor right above the spark plug on the head.


Troubleshooting the ECT is on page 4-15.  First thing to do is unplug it, spray some electrical contact cleaner in both plugs, and plug it back in.  If that doesn't work, follow the instructions on page 4-15.


On a friend's DCT Rancher recently it was the PGM-FI unit (ECU aka computer) which was pricey to replace, but it did fix his problem.  Hopefully yours is a simpler fix.


Is your 2021 still under warranty?  If so, and cleaning that connector doesn't fix it I'd be rushing to the dealer with it to have them fix it, especially if the problem is in your PGM-FI unit.



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