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99 450es bad display and won't shift

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Working on a friend's 99 450es.  Display is black from the sun.  Backlight still works.  It was stuck in 1st gear, I removed the shift motor, it was in a bind with the shift shaft.  Now it shifts manually.   Starts, runs but no electric shift.  I can't see the display to see if there is a fault code or ???.  Went through the Honda manual flowchart everything seemed to test good except the angle sensor had one spot where resistance dropped way down.  Electric motors spins fast in both directions.   I have shift signal (up and down) to the ecu.  However, no power sent to shift motor from ECU. 


Hoping to get ahold of AKATV for the display issue.  But can anyone point me in the right direction on the ES?  Was going to try a $12 angle sensor but I don't think the ecu would see a fault until the motor at least turns the shaft a little for the sensor to change its resistance. Motor is not getting told to move (no power sent to it).


From the reading I've done on here the display doesn't effect ES functions on the 98-01 450es.


Help if you can.




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Hi Dean, welcome to the forum!

Good pictures and troubleshooting

You are correct that the speedometer does not display fault codes on your model, it is the 02-04 model that does

I can repair your speedometer, it has been UV damaged by the sun over the years and I have received your contact message in my inbox


Sounds like you MIGHT have an issue at the ECU if you are getting signal in and no power out to the shift motor

I will tell you that when the ECU detects a fault,(bad angle sensor shorted wire etc..)

 it will shut down electronic shifting until you unhook power or turn key on and off again and then it might work until it sees the fault again

So, It might be the system is detecting a fault and shutting down shifting like it is supposed to

We just need to ID the bad component

Could be an angle sensor as it is most common fault on these, if the ECU is seeing it out of spec it will shut down as described

Let us know what you find and I will send contact info as well


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I think I found my issue.  Shift motor does test good on 12 Volts, but had 7.4 Ohms resistance.  Took it apart had a broken magnet as well.  I ordered a used one with 1.9 Ohms, anybody know the max ohms?  Just gathering info from many forum searches.  Hopefully I had high Ohms and ECU detected that and shut it down......

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