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Help! 2020 420 Trying to crank but will not fire.

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I have a 2020 honda rancher 420 with around 50hours on it. 

it has sat up for about 3 months.

it turns over and i can hear the fuel pump engage but will not start. 

I syphoned the gas out and put new gas in. 
changed the spark plug (verified it was firing.)

changes tones when pressing throttle while trying to start.

will start temporarily if i spray carb cleaner in air intake.

replaced battery.

i’m used to my 2007 rancher where i could replace the fuel filter in the fuel pump but I cannot locate it on this newer model so i am assuming it’s located in the tank center where the gas cap use to be? Any help or ideas appreciated! 


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Honda is recalling 2019 and 2020 Rancher and Foreman models for a fuel pump replacement. The pumps are defective and there is no cost for the dealer performed replacement. Call your dealer and schedule a date... and welcome to the forum!

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