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Combination meter

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I have a 2002 Honda Foreman 450fe thats missing combination meter. Iwas wondering if any other make and models that would interchange with it?

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If you pull up a part number on partzilla and look at the "related fitment" in the bottom right corner it will tell you what models use the same part.


I normally use Partzilla for research as their webiste is the easiest to use, and then buy from Rocky Mountain ATV or Motosport.


In your case, part number is here, and 02-04 450FE are the only models that used that particular meter.  https://www.partzilla.com/product/honda/37200-HN0-771?ref=3342269daf1ba96fe2825f41ce5a2ad2646781bf


If you can find a used one that works, even if it's sunburnt, AKATV can usually work magic with making them look new again.

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