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2002 honda foreman 450fe ignition fuses blowing

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I have 2002 450fe and it kept blowing ignition fuses the second i turned key on. I pulled the ecu and it wont blow them when i turn the key on. Put it back in and starting blowing them again. I bought a shift bypass kit. It didnt help. I thought they were supposed to bypass ecu? If not does anyone know how i can?

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Hi , I have a couple of 450s , somethings I have seen with blowing fuses , on the 2nd gen ( which is what you have ) 2002-2004 , the electric shift front diff would blow the main 30 amp fuse on me ----  another spot that gave a problem , right behind the fuel filter in the first pic , harness rubbed on under side of the frame , you could not see it without moving it  


 also the voltage regulator will cause a fuse to blow 






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